X Factor, the news of the second Live: songs, conductor and super guests

X Factor, the news of the second Live: songs, conductor and super guests

X Factor, new second live on Thursday 5 November: Daniela Collu instead of Cattelan positive for COVID, Maneskin super-guests and assigned songs

Great news for the second X Factor Live, live on Thursday 5 November 2020. In addition to the replacement of conductor Alessandro Cattelan, who tested positive for COVID, there will be some exceptional superhosts: the Maneskin, who have taken from XF il volo, with their new song Twenty Years.

In fact, the host will be Daniela Collu, already at the helm of Hot Factor, the appointment that collects comments a second after the end of the prime time. Close to the judges and competitors of this edition, Daniela is part of the family in the Sky show produced by Fremantle, having already hosted StraFactor in the past.

The Collu, 38 years old from Rome, currently one of the voices of RTL 102.5, will therefore announce at the beginning of the episode who will challenge Eda Marì, of the Over team, in an immediate ballot, remained in stand-by at the end of the first Live: he will be the artist with the single less listened to and less purchased in these days on digital platforms among the unreleased songs presented during the debut episode, and only one of the two will pass the turn and will be able to continue their journey within the show.

These are the songs that the competitors will sing in the second Live:

Cmqmartina will sing Il mio canto libero by Lucio Battisti;
Mydrama will sing Beautiful So by Chadia Rodriguez and Federica Carta;
Casadilego will sing Billie Eilish's Xanny.

Eda Marì will sing Even fragile by Elisa;
NAIP will sing Bla bla bla by Gigi D'Agostino;
Vergo will sing And return to you by Laura Pausini.

Little Pieces of Marmelade will sing Sabotage by the Beastie Boys;
Melancholia will sing Poppy's Bloodmoney;
Manitoba will sing I wanna be sedated by the Ramones

Blind will sing Non mi dire di no by Meduza feat. Goodboys (base only);
Blue Phelix will sing Madame's Sciccherie;
Santi will sing 8 billion people by Frah Quintale.

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