XF 2020, the final: Casadilego wins and Cattelan says goodbye. Half-naked lambs

XF 2020, the final: Casadilego wins and Cattelan says goodbye. Half-naked lambs

XF 2020, electrifying final, between the beautiful duets of the competitors with their judges, Agnelli undressed on the stage that sends social networks into a tailspin, Cattelan bids the official farewell and Casadilego's victory

The final of XF 2020 will surely be remembered for many reasons. Because the epilogue of a complicated edition, innovative and revolutionary in intent and results: the rockers-metalheads-casinos Little Pieces of Marmelade in the final were a sign of change and a great victory for their judge, Manuel Agnelli, even if the victory it went more traditionally to the melodic Casadilego. Because the last with Cattelan in charge: after ten years of honorable presence, Alessandro gave his official farewell last night in the final episode, sincerely moved, complete with a video-tribute of his ten-year experience that brought tears from him. And for a Manuel Agnelli risen after the last edition as a judge who had seen him subdued and almost bored. This year, thanks to the novelties of the program, the possibility for children to bring their unreleased songs from the very first episodes, from the carte blanche given to the judges in terms of musical choices and assignments, the leader of the Afterhours has rediscovered polish and panache (such as stressed Cattelan himself, complimenting his presentations always articulated and full of pathos) so much so that he expressed his gratitude with a performance together with his "owls" to the notes of "Veleno", his 1997 hit, shirtless on stage . A little Anthony Kiedis of the Red hot Chili Peppers, known for his denudation, a little Ozzy Osbourne, complete with tongues of fire behind him and a circus performance with the microphone strings, Agnelli gave himself 100%, with an exhibition that has sent social media into a tailspin.

At the age of 54, the leader of Afterhours sent the female audience into raptures. What was not already "lost" for Manuelito-Hell Raton, who turned out to be the new sex symbol of this edition. Or for the singer drummer of LPOM, another focus of interest, surprisingly, for the female audience of the program.

For the rest, at the end of the games, one cannot fail to recognize the good understanding of the table of judges this year, which apart from some inevitable friction in the elimination phase of the competitors, they got along with love and harmony, so much to fill of mutual compliments and certificates of esteem at the end. The truthfulness of Emma Marrone, who may like it or not (as a judge) but gave her all in this experience. The confirmation of the sympathy and genius of Mika, who raised the level with a medley-performance of his most famous songs that confirmed him an incredible stage animal. The discovery of Manuelito, who (social docent) has conquered more for outfits and physical presence than for musical choices. And an Agnelli, as we said, in the odor of grace, who managed to bring a little healthy rock to the X Factor stage. And never mind that in the end Casadilego won, we will hear about for a long time about his refined Melancholia and the wild Little Pieces of Marmelade. Like his biceps and pecs. Rock is good, there is no doubt: long live rock!

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