Yellow and blue are also popular among accessories. Choose your favorites!

Yellow and blue are also popular among accessories.  Choose your favorites!

Yellow and blue have never been so popular. In the world of fashion, especially the latter can be seen in clothes and accessories from the new collections and we obviously couldn’t miss out on good advice on what to buy.

According to recent theories, it seems that the yellow of the Ukrainian flag symbolizes the boundless fields of ripe wheat present on the territory and the blue simply stands for the sky. Adopted in 1991, it takes up the old print adopted in 1917. What interests us today, however, are the coolest bags and shoes of the moment which, a little by chance and a little by alignment of thought, invade the shop windows of our cities .

Ukrainian colors in fashion 25-4-22.

Source: Canva.

So let’s find out why, regardless of everything, it’s good to have something in these shades in our wardrobe and how to show it off.

Yellow and blue are everywhere! Here’s how to dose them in our outfits

Wearing them together is a bit too special, it’s okay to take sides but visually it’s not the best, especially for a night out with your boyfriend. Electric blue really goes very well with emerald green and the most attentive influencers know it.

Yellow and blue outfit 25-4-22.

Source: Pinterest.

The yellow, on the other hand, as we saw last summer, can be perfect (maybe not at first glance but at second glance) with shocking pink.

The Hana shoulder bag in yellow leather by See By Chloé (305 euros) is suitable for afternoon walks. Ok also to get-togethers with friends like what many will be doing today. It must be said that you have to be able to carry only the essentials with you but once that is defined, a boat neck sweater, a pair of jeans and your favorite sneakers and the look is complete.

Really gorgeous, the sandals Aquazzurra in electric blue they are decorated with butterflies on the list and on the ends of the laces. A romantic and hyper-feminine model, difficult to do without. They cost 695 euros on the official website of the brand.

Yellow bag 25-4-22.

Source: Pinterest.

I’m from Aldo Castagna the new yellow Chanel pumps with a bow decorated with glitter. The rear opening makes them suitable even in the heat. The silk satin makes the match with an evening dress a must. The price is 325 euros.

The blue bag of Jacquemus (575 euros already discounted by 10% on MyTheresa) it cannot be found in many colors but for now it is still available in blue. The iconic Chiquito has a ring handle and a golden logo on the left side, in the corner. You can go with anything.

Diametrically opposed to bags with crystals, the more casual ones we have seen today are more versatile and undoubtedly have a deeper meaning. Fashion is beautiful for this too, it can be reading and sending intense messages based on the occasion, the choice is always and only yours!

Silvia Zanchi

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