Yellow on the death of Cranio Randagio, rapper of X Factor

Yellow on the death of Cranio Randagio, rapper of X Factor

Found lifeless in a private apartment. Anger, dismay and grief in a letter from long-time friends

The rapper Cranio Randagio, a former X Factor competitor, was found dead in the morning of Sunday 13 November in Rome. Vittorio Bos Andrei – this is his real name – he was 22 years old and was found dead in a friend's house in via Anneo Lucano, in the residential area of ​​the Balduina.

Death occurred after a party organized in a friend's apartment along with a dozen boys. After spending the night having fun, Skull Stray spent the night in the apartment. To find him without life, the next morning, he was the son of the landlord and another young man. The two tried to revive him, then they alerted the ambulance, but for the 22-year-old there was nothing left to do. The doctor who intervened on the spot could only verify Andrei's death and call the police.

On the doorstep of Vittorio Bos Andrei, aka Cranio Randagio, a photo of Steve Jobs, "Be hungry, be mad." His mother Carlotta Mattiello, tells of her son and of the last night, of his music, of his dreams and of the many because he asks for an answer. "My son went to a party and never came back, I want to understand what happened. Because nobody told me anything. Because his cell phone rang and no one answered. Because I was warned so late. I don't know all this yet. " Four boys are already in trouble, seven others will be questioned. A delay in calling for help is assumed. At least an hour of a hole. But the hunt for the drug dealer is also underway and could have sold some grams of marijuana to the group.

It is not yet clear, however, what was the cause of death on which the investigators are already investigating. Party participants have already been questioned in the police station of Monte Mario, by Mario Cacace, head of the investigation. The hypothesis is that the former X Factor competitor was killed by a mix of alcohol and drugs taken during the party. The confirmation could arrive in the next days thanks to the autopsy, while the apartment situated in the neighborhood of the Balduina has already been searched and analyzed by the Scientific police in search of traces of drugs. However, those who participated in the party confirmed the presence of a lot of alcohol, also consumed by the rapper.

In 2015 Cranio Randagio was chosen by Mika as a rapper in his team of X Factor 2015. His videos on Facebook and Youtube were particularly commented and appreciated by his many fans. Among the most famous songs "Mamma Roma, addio" and "Petrolio", while soon the new album and the Ep "Love & Feelings" created in collaboration with Squarta, well-known Capitoline producer would be released. Orphaned by his father, who died when he was only 15 years old, Vittorio Bos Andrei had chosen to call himself Cranio Randagio to express his "freedom of thought" and called himself a "pseudo-rapper paranoid".

The friends, still in disbelief at his death, gathered in an apartment on Via della Balduina, writing a letter for Cranio Randagio, recalling it in a moving way. "Not even the success you have achieved has succeeded in making your head fit and allowing you to forget about us – the letter reads – you have always remained faithfully grateful to your origins, to that road that has seen us grow together, hand in hand, a centimeter after another ”. "You wanted to be unique, because you were unique – the friends concluded – you were yourself in the error and in the right thing: you didn't have two faces, you never wore the mask of good or bad. You were always Vittorio. That stray Vittorio that left us like this, with a computer in his hand and a gap too big inside his heart. Thieves of emotions: death cries, is not discussed ”.

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