Yoga: asanas to improve balance – Video

Among the many virtues of yoga there is also that of helping to improve balance. To suggest 3 useful asanas to achieve this and show in video how to perform them is Lorenza Minolamulti-certified yoga teacher and founder of LoYoga App.

“Maybe at first they will seem like positions one little complex, but over time, they can be reached by everyone », explains the expert. She who she adds: “The balance you build on the mat you bring to life.”

It starts with thetree, placing one foot on the inside of the calf or, if you can of the thigh, of the leg on the ground, never against the knee. Then we move on to Garudasana, the eagle pose, performed by crossing the left arm over the right while twisting the right leg over the left one, and then vice versa, in order to better stimulate the cerebellum.

Finally, conclude the mini-practice with the position of the dancing king: if the asana is too difficult, you can do it without stretching the body forward.