Yoga face: exercises to tone the face

Yoga face: exercises to tone the face

With yoga you can conquer a young and fresh skin. It takes a little time and patience, and the right techniques

Yoga exercises to tone the face and make it look younger. It may seem strange to you but yoga is also this. The purpose of this ancient tradition is to combine physical and psychological well-being, and the step towards beauty is short. All you need is a few minutes of calm, combined with a good dose of perseverance and patience and the results will not be slow in terms of compactness, vitality and elasticity.

When to practice

The best time for yoga is early in the morning because with physical exercise accompanied by breath you awaken energy and prepare yourself for the day. For your beauty practice, choose a quiet space, lit by natural light and after placing a mirror in front of you, sit comfortably with your legs crossed, perhaps on a pillow. Always keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed.


To start your yoga face session, after inhaling and exhaling with your eyes closed 4 or 5 times, bend your head forward and rotate it clockwise and counterclockwise 2 times. To activate the muscles open your eyes and at the same time stick out your tongue as much as possible. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times, it's great for giving mobility and oxygenating the skin.

Toned eyelids and relaxed eye area

With thumb and forefinger, open your eyes gently, then close your eyelids slowly and squeeze your eyes to overcome the resistance of your fingers. Repeat calmly 20/30 times. To make the effect more effective, do another exercise as well: blink your eyelids quickly twenty times. With a constant execution, the effect is that of a natural filler, because the small signs of aging are attenuated.

Cheekbones and cheeks: lift up!

If you have a perfect oval, this yoga face exercise will help you keep it, preventing sagging: stick your thumbs under your upper lip, at the corners of your mouth, and grab your upper lip pulling down. Then try to smile by pushing your cheeks upwards and overcoming the resistance of your fingers. Repeat 20 times. Then, swell the cheeks, press with the fingers of one hand on the lips to prevent the air from escaping and with the other hand push the right cheek inwards. Also repeat left 5 times.

Volume to the lips

Insert the phalanges of the indexes inside the upper lip, in front of the canines, then stretch and release the lip 20 times. Repeat the exercise with the lower lip. It is very effective in preventing blemishes such as the infamous "bar code" and is also useful for giving elasticity and firmness to the area around the lips.

Younger cheeks and neck

The cheek area is of the neck is particularly critical and needs some extra attention to keep it toned. From yoga, here is a perfect exercise: open your mouth and close it by overlapping the lower lip to the upper one, smile slowly and stay in position for 2 minutes. Repeat 3 times.

Final detox massage

Conclude your yoga face session with an ear massage to perform with circular thumb and index movements. Starting from the lobes and moving up towards the pavilions, improve circulation and therefore oxygenation throughout the face, eliminate toxins and achieve a healthy complexion.

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