Yoga is becoming more and more fashionable!

Yoga is becoming more and more fashionable!

Clothing for yoga? It must be comfortable and made of natural fabric. Let's discover the sporty chic trends!

Practicing it is good for the spirit and body. Helps concentration, develops flexibility, balance and coordination of movements.

Loved by stars and top managers, practiced by those who do meditation, today yoga, also due to the situation we are experiencing, is among the most popular activities.

It can be practiced comfortably from home, combining physical activity and social distancing, and the possibilities for learning new techniques are endless with online courses, masterclasses, videos on youtube and dedicated apps.

Yoga Kundalini, Yoga Iyengar, Power Yoga, Yoga Nidra and many other methods for all tastes, for those who love a softer approach and for those looking for a dynamic practice.

Breathing, meditating, getting in tune with yourself requires freedom of movement and simple and comfortable clothing.
And also natural fabrics, because being at peace with your ego and doing good for the planet go hand in hand.
A philosophy of life.

Edithmarcel and Freddy's proposals for Yoga

Edithmarcel and Freddy's Yoga proposals for a damn cool Yoga session

So how can we make our yoga sessions chic and ethical?

Yes, because while we are following a session with the webcam on or posting a photo of us on social media, wearing minimal pieces, but coordinated in colors and with a clean aesthetic is good for our balance. And a little bit also to our indomitable ego …

There are many stylistic activewear proposals, perfect for a workout at home, but also for a walk outdoors, perhaps while meditating to get back in tune with nature.

Lots of news just launched on the market to experience a session in harmony and for a perfect match between fit and style.

Uniqlo has created a new minimal sports line, but with bold colors: from dusty rose to petrol green, to dark gray.

Yoga Clothing - Uniqlo Complete Yoga - SS2021

Sport Utility Wear, Uniqlo news for yoga

Uniqlo - Yoga - SS2021

Comfortable clothing for Uniqlo, the brand unveils a series of garments designed to make us feel more energetic and serene

Alviero Martini 1a Classe chose a white cotton profiled with its geo printed fabric for both the trousers and the asymmetrical cut sweater.

Yoga - Alviero Martini 1st Class

Being chic in moments of true relaxation? Et voilà, a total look by Alviero Martini 1a Classe

Edithmarcel, the gender oriented brand, focuses on creativity both in leggings printed in technical fabric and in sweaters. Solid color instead for the high neck tops.

Freddy's eco friendly line created especially for yoga. Coordinated with Top, leggings and sweaters with zip.
All two-tone with black appeals.

Organic cotton sweatshirts and pants for the Yoga Dance collection by Oysho, created for those who dedicate themselves to this new yoga discipline based on dance movements.

Yoga Dance by OYSHO

Yoga Dance consists of organic cotton sweatshirts and pants as well as tops with built-in bra and leggings in soft fabric

What if we feel like meditating by taking a nice walk outdoors?
Comfy by Mango comes to the rescue, which includes versatile pieces that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor.

The extra touch?

Gather your hair with a headband or scarf. And why not, use a silk scarf, preferably Dior. Your meditation will not improve, but you want to put?

Cara Delevigne and the Dior scarf

Cara Delevigne wears the Dior scarf and D De Dior Satine watch

In the photo Cara Delevigne, actress and super supermodel passionate about Yoga shows us how to wear it and also reveals the latest La D De Dior Satine watch with a malachite or tiger's eye dial.
Stones, as we know, give energy …

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