Yoga Mania! Technical and glamorous clothing

Yoga Mania! Technical and glamorous clothing

To do yoga it takes very little: a mat and the desire to meditate. But a new look can help us find more motivation!

World Yoga Day 2021, the news to wear

If you too have discovered that practicing yoga helps you to give your best, it's time to get serious!
A trained body, even just half an hour a day, generates a sense of well-being and greater concentration. One of the great things about yoga is that you really need little to get started. All you need to have is your will and a mat to abandon yourself to the experience of practice.
In yoga, clothes are also important, which must be comfortable and made with natural fibers. So choose high-quality, breathable fabrics that don't hinder movement.

Comfortable and elastic clothing is important and there are many proposals for yoga, from brands traditionally dedicated to sportswear to capsules created specifically to face daily practice with style.

Of course we could wear simple leggings and t-shirts, but, we can only hide from a new look, it can help to overcome that ugly beast, called laziness.

For fabrics better clothes in bamboo fiber. It is soft, naturally antibacterial, prevents fungi and directs sweat away from the body, towards the outside of the fabric where it evaporates.

Underwear is also very important and must be just as natural and comfortable. A special bra is not essential, but the technical innovations certainly help the movements.

Triaction by Triumph

Sports bra from the Triumph Triaction collection – SS 2021

You can choose from Triumph's Triaction collection which features sports bras with excellent wobble control, comfortable garments with Stay-Dry technology, made for the perfect fit and maximum comfort.

Many yoga bras have adjustable suspender shapes and beautiful designs on the back, so you have a lot to choose from.
Among the classic sportswear brands, you will find Puma with the new Studio Collection SS21, the line designed for the practice of mindfulness activities such as yoga, pilates or meditation. For SS21, the Studio Collection features three different outfits with muted prints and soothing colors like cobalt blue or lavender.

yoga - Puma

Puma's Studio Collection 2021 line

A collection with high quality, breathable and super comfortable materials.
Freddy proposes a fashion at the service of well-being and movement and applies the aesthetic codes of Yoga to the 100% Made in Italy collection, offering eco-friendly garments conceived, designed and produced entirely in Italy.
In partnership with Brugnoli, a renowned Italian company specializing in technical fabrics that has created and patented the Br4 ™ technology.
An eco-sustainable production process that uses 100% bio-based polyamide (EVO by Fulgar®) obtained from the castor plant. An innovative, light and highly elastic fabric that prevents the formation of bad odors and has excellent thermal insulation, protecting the body from temperature variations.

At this point, only the mat is missing!

Louis Vuitton floor mat

The Louis Vuitton yoga mat

Fashion greats such as Gucci, Versace, Emporio Armani and Louis Vuitton have tried their hand at designing cool and highly technical rugs. The mat must definitely be non-slip and as you progress in your yoga practice, you may need a larger surface area and better cushioning.
Choose one that fits your body and the way you are used to training.
A tip for all fashion addicted yoga? Match the mat to your outfit!

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