Yoga on the Sup: to tone you up and train your balance

Between a swim and a dip, try yoga on the table from Sup (acronym for stand up paddle): this, in fact, offers an unstable surface that makes the practice more intense, since it forces you to to work mostly onequilibrium. In addition, the asanas proposed by our consultant Edoardo Gustiniyoga instructor and physiotherapist in Trieste, help improve the flexibility of the spine and strengthen its muscles, optimizing pelvis stability.

  • Position of the half moon

    270092On your knees, arms at your sides, exhaling bring your right foot forward, loading most of the weight, then stretch your left leg back, keeping your hips aligned (to do this, keep abdominal control, pushing the navel towards the spine, without forcing). Inhale, then exhale raise your arms straight up, with the shoulders down, away from the ears. Attention to the look, that must be facing in front of you. Hold for 5-10 deep breaths, then perform on the other side.

  • Benefits: lengthen the spine, eliminating tension, and loosen the extensors and flexors of the pelvis, strong muscles that can block the sacroiliac joint in wrong positions. Harmful for correct posture.
  • The extra advice: also focuses attention on the subscapular muscles. You need to feel them move when you raise your arms.

  • Location of god of war

    270090On your knees, exhale, stretch your right leg backwards, extending the instep of the foot on the board. Inhale, then exhale rotate the torso to the bent left, put your right arm over the knee and put your hands together. After 4-8 deep breaths, perform on the other side.

  • Benefits: Rotation improves the flexibility of the spine and stabilizes the pelvis by stretching the hip flexors. With this exercise, you strengthen your back, relieve tension in the lower back and tone your oblique abdominals, muscles that are fundamental for posture control.
  • The extra advice: For correct rotation, contract the abdominal muscles as if you were wearing a corset.

  • Position of the tiger

    270091In quadrupedal position, arms shoulder width apart and pelvis in line with the knees. Breathing in, he slowly brings the coccyx upwards and then, exhaling, raises his right leg with the knee bent at 90 °, without forcing. She activates her abdominals by inhaling, then exhaling she detaches her left arm, which will engage her right ankle. Hold for 3-6 deep breaths, then perform on the other side.

  • Benefits: the exercise stabilizes the pelvis and shoulders, strengthening the back. In addition, it trains the muscles involved in rotational movements.
  • The extra advice: Before detaching the arm, do a few executions without hooking the ankle with your hand.
  • Half twist position of the fish lord

    270089Sitting, bend your right leg and place your foot over your left thigh, in line with the knee. Then she flexes the other with her foot towards the opposite buttock. Exhaling, left hand on the board, behind the back, lever with the right elbow on the inside of the knee to favor the rotation of the column. Breathing in, stretch the spine; exhaling accentuates the twist, looking over the shoulder. After 3-6 large breaths, perform on the other side.

  • Benefits: relieves tension in the buttocks and external part of the thigh, which are essential for the health of the lower back.
  • The extra advice: do not force the position. As you rotate, you shouldn’t feel any tension.

(Photo IPA)