Yoga, the practice dedicated to female fertility – Video

Among the many virtues of yoga there is also that of helping female fertility. Lorenza Minolamulti-certified yoga teacher and founder of LoYoga Apptoday shows us one practice dedicated to fertility and internal organs, for women who struggle to get pregnant. However, it is a sequence that is useful to everyone, because it works on the lower abdomen.

To deepen the theme of hormonal yoga there is the beautiful book by Dinah Rodrigues, a Brazilian teacher who is now over 90 years old. The author reports all the studies done by her and the gynecologists involved on the effects of certain positions on the health and fertility of women. One more demonstration of the immense benefits of this discipline.

It starts with Supta Baddha Konasana, asana that promotes a deep state of relaxation. So it’s the turn of the position of the Pillar, which improves blood circulation. From here, if you do not have pressure or cervical problems, you can go up to the Candleverticalizing, to better irrigate the internal organs (to be avoided on the days of the cycle).

Watch the video. And Namasté!