You and I, Barbara Alberti confesses and excites Pierluigi Diaco

You and I, Barbara Alberti confesses and excites Pierluigi Diaco

Barbara Alberti to Io e Te excites Pierluigi Diaco by telling about her Big Brother Vip and the love of her life.

Barbara Alberti confesses to You and I and excites Pierluigi Diaco. Guest of the Rai Uno lounge, the writer talked about her experience to GF Vip, her relationship with love, but also with death, using, as always, the weapon of irony and frankness that distinguishes her.

“When I was 20 I met a man who was my age, but he seemed to be 80, he knew everything, he was very cultured – said Alberti, speaking of the relationship with Amedeo Pagani -. We loved, married, separated and now we live as friends or maybe not. The correct term is adventurers, he met this crazy Umbertide, who wore starched skirts, he was my editor, even if I hate this term, he knew how to laugh, he knew how to love, he was in love with depth ".

Barbara Alberti was among the protagonists of a successful edition of the GF Vip. The writer told Diaco about the adventure in the Cinecittà house, remembering those days with nostalgia. "You can't understand how I enjoyed Big Brother, but then I didn't make it because it's a very hard game – he confessed -. At home I miss the confessional: there are 8 high-level people who listen to you for everything. Then no one expects anything from you, it's beautiful ”.

Pierluigi Diaco appeared very excited at the idea of ​​having Alberti in the studio, so much so that he risked falling to the ground when he got up to take a drawing made by Lucangelo Bracci: "I was falling – he quickly -. The emotion was making me fall ". The reporter then asked the writer if she felt marginalized due to her excessive sincerity. "I would like to boast of having experienced persecution for what I said but it never happened to me – she replied -. My generation was happy, we had the future, we were young and we were entitled to it ”.

“I have lived with death since I was born – concluded the playwright -. Death is always there, I miss God very much, in the sense that I don't believe in him, and I miss him because I could take it out on someone […] I'm a beautiful old woman. I am not one of those who say that wrinkles are a pride, wrinkles suck to me ”.

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