You and I, Laura Chimenti confesses her dark past

Laura Chimenti

Guest of Me and You, Laura Chimenti tells about her dark past and love for the family

Laura Chimenti confesses her dark past in an interview with You and Me. Guest of Pierluigi Diaco, the journalist and presenter, spoke about the love for the family and her career. "She is a first-rate journalist – said the landlord, introducing her to the public -. She is a woman who knows the theme of sobriety, of measure. Life wanted him to choose journalism and not swimming. He has a very reserved partner and they both avoid talking publicly about their love. "

"It is the first time we meet – said Diaco -. How do you look at yourself with these eyes? How do men do? "," There is only one man now – clarified Laura, referring to her husband Claudio Briganti -. In the past I consciously made men lose their minds. We women like pleasure. " Chimenti then spoke of her past, revealing that she had experienced a period of conflict with her body and a very dark moment. "There was a conflict around the age of 18. I didn't see myself as perfect. Today I look at myself and I am satisfied – she revealed – […] I loved dark music, I dressed in black. I had short red hair. The first love at 18 that led me on the dark road ".

Journalist, mother, wife and beautiful woman, Laura Chimenti has conquered everyone at the Sanremo di Amadeus, dedicated precisely to the strength of women. "The approach of those who empower women towards women has changed – he explained -. They realized that women have a higher gear and therefore also the approach of men towards women has changed and they realized that if we know how to manage a family that is then a small business, we can also manage larger companies. Competition and envy are in my work as there is in other works. But I go forward with great serenity because I am a woman of great faith and if I have to say it all before entering the editorial office I say the Ave Maria and it is at that moment it is as if I had a shield that protects me from everything. I ask to thank, but also to get. I ask for and get my daily graces. "

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