You and I, Valeria Fabrizi confesses to Diaco and is moved by remembering her husband

The Veronese actress confessed in the afternoon living room of the Roman conductor and remembered with emotion her husband Tata Giacobetti

In the living room of the feelings of Me and You, Pierluigi Diaco, as always accompanied by Katia Ricciarelli and Santino Fiorillo, hosted Valeria Fabrizi. The protagonist of the episode on Wednesday 12 August 2020, the Veronese actress, born in the same building as Walter Chiari with whom she was very close, confessed with an open heart in the studio of the Roman conductor.

A guest of Diaco also in the last season of the program, he started talking about his great passion: having friends at home and cooking for them. She then focused on the value that the relationship with friends has in her life, underlining that she is lucky to be able to count them on the fingers of both hands.

Speaking of friendship, he also cited Walter Chiari – in the last five years of the unforgettable actor's life they have been very close – and Anthony Quinn. Diaco then opened the parenthesis of the vintage films, showing one dating back to 1964. The host of Me and You subsequently proposed the video, coming from the Rai display cases, of a sketch starring Valeria Fabrizi and Totò.

This nostalgic parenthesis represented an opportunity for the actress to remember the relationship with the prince of laughter, which she defined as a melancholy person. Regarding Totò, Valeria Fabrizi cited a special anecdote, stating that she received some beautiful roses from him.

The 83-year-old actress, who has also worked with a TV greats like Corrado, then experienced a moment of profound emotion. Diaco, in fact, has broadcast some images of Tata Giacobetti, historical member of the Quartetto Cetra as well as husband of Fabrizi and father of her daughter Giorgia.

Valeria Fabrizi spoke of her husband calling him a very shy person, the most shy of the members of the Quartetto Cetra, and said she missed him (Giacobetti passed away a few months before their 25th wedding anniversary).

The emotions for the Veronese actress went on even more intense as, after the parenthesis dedicated to the memory of Giacobetti, Pierluigi Diaco started the song My Funny Valentine from the juke box, a song sung by Frank Sinatra who, as remembered by actress who plays Sister Costanza in Che Dio Aiuti, Giacobetti intoned in her ear during the dance the evening when he asked her to get engaged.

Speaking of the famous Rai fiction, during the interview with Diaco, Fabrizi received two video messages from Diana Del Bufalo and Gianmarco Saurino and Francesca Chillemi, set colleagues that the actress, 84 years old in October, defined "the my sons".

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