You and me, clash between Diaco and Corinne Cléry: "You tell lies"

You and me, clash between Diaco and Corinne Cléry: "You tell lies"

Corinne Clery recalls her experience with Big Brother Vip. However, his words annoy Pierluigi Diaco

It is undeniable that Pierluigi Diaco is an extremely sincere and outspoken professional. The host of Io e Te, also sparking some controversy, often confronted the guests of his program by expressing his thoughts without filters. And, even with Corinne Cléry, during an interview, she had a spat that did not go unnoticed.

Host of You and Me, Cléry recalled, among other things, her participation in Big Brother Vip. An experience in which the French actress gave all of herself, she opened up a lot by telling details of her life and where she also managed to reconcile with Serena Grandi, her former enemy, also a guest of Diaco. In short, thanks to the reality show and the work of the psychologists who work there, she managed to overcome her personal problem. Corinne's confession, however, did not convince the conductor, who said:

You want to tell me that psychology, which is serious and people go there privately, I have done it individually and collectively for years, can pass through the microphone of a television program? But by the Corinne, psychology is a serious matter, it is not that it can be treated like this.

Cléry, in evident difficulty, pointed out to the presenter of Io and Te that she had not taken part in the same reality show and, therefore, that she could not fully understand her experience. However, Diaco reiterated his position:

I did a reality show and, frankly, I shied away from fake logic. You will agree with me that beyond the presence of a psychologist in a television program, a cure and a psychological path is done in private, outside the cameras. I don't believe there can be truth inside the television.

The actress, caught off guard, asked the conductor a specific question:

Do you think I'm telling lies?

Probably, however, Cléry did not expect such a sincere and frank answer from Diaco:

I think so.

Yet another clash to you and I that the public could not fail to notice. In fact, the same conductor, in recent days during an interview with Flavio Insinna, had admitted that he had lost, on some occasions, lucidity and that he had turned in an unpleasant way to some guests. Will he also comment publicly on what happened with Cléry?

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