You and me, Sabrina Salerno confesses about her father and husband Enrico Monti

You and me, Sabrina Salerno confesses about her father and husband Enrico Monti

Sabrina Salerno, guest of Io e Te, tells about the difficult relationship with the father and the love for her husband

Sabrina Salerno in a homemade version on Instagram

Sabrina Salerno, guest of Pierluigi Diaco's Io e Te, talks about the difficult relationship with her father and the love for her husband Enrico Monti. Star of the eighties, singer, producer and actress, Sabrina has always been on the crest of the wave and in all these years she has never changed. Today she is a strong and independent woman, happy with her career, but also satisfied in her private life, thanks to a husband who loves her and her son Luca Maria, born from the union with the entrepreneur.

In the study of Io e Te, Sabrina recounted a difficult chapter in her life, speaking of her father. "I forced my father to recognize me – he confessed to Pierluigi Diaco -, but I had to do it because he continued to claim that I was not his daughter. I did the DNA test. We are talking about a famous person in his environment, level, with a great role and wealthy. I called him on March 15 of last year. We met again, I met his family and he asked for forgiveness. After only three months of relationship where I was trying to recover a father and he perhaps a daughter, he died suddenly. "

“I have seen bad things and unfortunately I have known more bad people in my life – added Salerno -. I think I had a father who was depressed but who was trying to give a different image. I, on the other hand, cannot give different images. If you ask me a question, I would never be able to tell lies because I am free and I always say what I think. " Sincere, outspoken and strong, since 2006 she is married to Enrico Monti, with whom she had a son.

Among Sabrina Salerno's closest friends is Elisabetta Ferracini, the daughter of Mara Venier. “She is like a sister – he revealed -. We are very different, but very similar in many ways. We are the same age, we respect each other, we tell each other the truth crudely. We have known each other for many years. There have been times when we have been far away, but we have the same approach in the relationship with people ". Salerno then spoke of Sanremo 2020, where it joined Amadeus and Fiorello. "In Sanremo I was myself – he reiterated -. Amadeus called me and when I got the call I was at the doctor. For me it was a radiant phone call. I was very happy because, for me, Sanremo represents home. I lived in Sanremo for ten years ".

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