You have to sleep naked. #lodicelascienza

Sleeping naked makes you lose weight, helps the sexual life of a couple and saves money and time. 7 reasons that will convince you

Goodbye pajamas, nightgowns and underwear: you have to sleep naked!

Sleeping naked improves sleep quality, helps you lose weight, stimulates sex life and saves time and money, but how?

Here are the 7 scientific reasons that prove it:

1. Improves sleep quality
when we sleep the body temperature drops. Wearing pajamas does not allow the body to cool down properly

2. It is more hygienic and is good for private parts
Sleeping naked helps keep the genitals healthy. Underwear warms the genitals and germs and bacteria proliferate with heat.

3. It makes you feel sexier
Waking up naked gives the right sexual charge from the first morning. Naked contact with the partner ignites the spark …

4. Helps lose weight
With the right temperature the body produces correct cortisol levels. This allows you to wake up with a more balanced appetite.

5. Improves sex life
Without clothes on, your partner will find you sexier and more likely to have sex.

6. Saves you time and effort
Pajamas and nightgowns make you sweat and wake up with the feeling of having to take a shower. If you sleep naked, on the contrary, you can avoid this feeling and save time and effort.

7. It is convenient, fast and economical
Do you want to not have to buy pajamas, sexy shirts, but throw yourself into the bed at night as you are?

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