You Yes Que Vales, Belen perfect in total black and Ferilli charms everyone

Start again Tu Yes Que Vales with Sabrina Ferilli in place of Iva Zanicchi. Belen conquers everyone with the total black look

Never change a winning team. This must be the motto behind the sixth edition of Tu Si Que Vales, which returns to TV with the same format, the same jury and the same management. Only one small change: in place of Iva Zanicchi sits Sabrina Ferilli, representative of the popular jury welcomed with a great ovation.

Maria De Filippi, Rudy Zerbi, Gerry Scotti and Teo Mammucari therefore return to take on the role of judges. In front of them performers from all over the world will perform, some with a real talent others who, with their performances, will bring a smile to the face of the public.

Leading the show is Belen Rodriguez, the true queen of Tu Si Que Vales, flanked by former rugby player Martin Castrogiovanni and Alessio Sakara. A particularly rosy time for the showgirl who comes from a summer full of successes both working and sentimental. After a long time the reconciliation with Stefano De Martino, so much desired by the fans, is declared Argentina is ready to expand the family.

Belen's skill at the helm of Tu Sì Que Vales is now evident. Improved over the years in the art of driving, her looks are never wrong. Edition after edition, episode after episode, it has shown that it knows how to wear both sensual and elegant clothes. And for the debut of this new season it has not been denied.

A black jacket, worn as a mini-dress, embellished with luminous buttons, gave Ms. De Martino a chic and refined look. Perfect the choice of hairstyle, a low and orderly tail and light make-up, but intense on the eyes. To give further light to the total black look, with the exception of the red shoes, the large hoop earrings.

Good the first for Belen who, however, has found a worthy rival in terms of style. In fact, Sabrina Ferilli could not face her first episode of Tu SìQue Vales more in the form of this. The actress wore a long powder dress with a deep neckline, which emphasizes her perfect physical shape. The look was completed with loose hair and intense make-up on the eyes. To conquer, despite its exceptional beauty, it was however its indisputable and overflowing sympathy.

What promises, for the next episodes, is a friendly challenge in terms of looks between Belen Rodriguez and Sabrina Ferilli. How will they surprise us next time?

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