Younger with yoga for back and abdomen – Video

Our expert Lorenza Minolaa multi-certified yoga teacher and founder of the LoYoga App, shows you a mini yoga practice that can help keep your internal organs and back young.

Begins with Bhujangasanaalso known as cobra position, to be performed paying attention to the opening movement of the chest as you must avoid “recessing” the head into the shoulders. Also, if bringing your abs down feels too intense, you can substitute the asana with Urdha Mukha Svanasana (the dog upside down).

So space for the second step with Marjariasana, to be repeated about ten times, observing slow, deep and abdominal breathing. Remember to inhale as you open your chest and exhale as you round your back.

Finally we move on to the position of animal relaxation, able to carry out a massage of the abdominal organs. To be repeated on both sides, it is necessary to flex the torso, with precision, in the direction of the advanced knee.

Watch the video to train with Lorenza!