Your baby is 10 months old: the second week

Your baby is 10 months old: the second week

Your child takes giant steps forward in communication. He is beginning to understand that there are ways to get what he wants other than crying. For example, he could begin to indicate an object that wants to be passed to him, or he could stretch his hands towards a toy that is too far away for him to grasp it. These attitudes are often accompanied by vocalizations that have no meaning, but serve to attract your attention.

Although when he speaks he only emits a confused babble, at this age he is already able to understand much of what you tell him. For example, he will certainly understand the meaning of a "no" said in a firm tone or a warning.

Is it too early to teach table manners at this age? At 10 months, wearing food is much more fun than eating it and there is not much we can say or do to change our baby's mind. It is a way of exploring the world and helps the child become familiar with food.

The only thing we can do is arm ourselves with a supply of bibs, keep a wet cloth at hand to clean it and keep the tub ready for a bath before going to bed. This too, like many others, is a phase that will overcome growing.


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