Your baby is 3 months old: the first week

Your baby is 3 months old: the first week

Now your baby should definitely be able to laugh out loud. He might laugh to answer you when you talk to him or pamper him. If you lift it upright, it may try to partially rest the weight on your legs, even if it is still very unstable.

The little one will move more and more: if you put him lying on the ground on a carpet or a cover, you will notice that he wriggles from one side to the other, especially when he is resting on his tummy. Let's leave him space and time to do these "maneuvers", avoiding to spend too much time in the seat or on the mini swing: thanks to this training, one day he will give himself a good momentum and he will turn from the position on the tummy to that on his back.

Remember that each child is unique therefore, even if it is normal to make comparisons with peers, we do not have to worry if our baby seems more "lazy" than the others: it is a matter of nature, and the more peaceful children prefer to lie quietly while the others they shake like fish.

Most likely, the baby will now be able to sit upright if supported with a pillow. Let's leave him alone if he can maintain his position with a certain stability, but never leave: there is always the risk of falls.

A piece of news that will cheer up many parents is that the period when babies cry the most is the first three months: from now on, your puppy will cry much less!


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