Your baby is 9 months old: the first week

Your baby is growing and may already be able to drink alone from the cup. At the beginning he could make a little mess and you must be careful not to overfill the cup so that the little one does not choke. But as soon as he manages to drink on his own it will be a great achievement, which will be celebrated congratulating the little one and allowing him to practice this new exercise often.

At this age, the hours of sleep necessary for your baby may decrease further, and it is not uncommon for your child to give up their morning nap to sleep only in the afternoon. Which means that you will have less time to deal with your chores, but the positive aspect is that by eliminating the morning rest, the afternoon rest will probably become a little longer, and you will still have time to dedicate yourself to yourself.

At nine months of age there is another novelty: the baby may begin to be afraid of strangers. It can also happen that the child intimidates himself in front of family members with whom he has always shown himself to be sociable, and does not want to be alone with anyone other than his mother.

Sometimes this phase lasts very little, while for other children it can last many months, depending on the nature of the child. Keep in mind that it is a natural process and forcing the baby to socialize is useless and can indeed be counterproductive. Rather, we invite friends and relatives not to be too "intrusive" towards the child: it is better to leave him quiet in the arms of the mother and try to interact with him gradually and peacefully. He will draw the attention of those close to him as soon as he feels secure enough.


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