Your baby’s magical three years: the emotion of surprise

Your baby's magical three years: the emotion of surprise

Kinder Sorpresa celebrates the three years of all children with a special initiative: many prizes and a customizable story with photos and curiosities of your child

The magnificent three: a great party for all children born in 2018 and who are therefore three years old. But what is special about this age? And above all, who and how will the three-year-olds be celebrated?

The magnificent three years

The sweetest of initiatives is dedicated to them and to promote it is Kinder Sorpresa, because three is a magical number, like the elements that have always made up Kinder Sorpresa: the emotion of surprise for a special moment together, good Kinder chocolate and a game that contains in itself a thousand adventures.

Three-year-old children learn a lot of things and develop cognitive, linguistic, emotional and motor skills ranging from showing affection and concern to articulating two or three sentences, but also to using the tricycle and making small constructions.

The Kinder Surprise contest: the prizes

So Ferrero thought of a competition where there are fantastic prizes up for grabs. Participating is easy and there is time until 7 December: just log in to the thirdannokindersorpesa website and the first 700 participants will win one of the 700 gifts up for grabs every day: a special box, containing a customizable story with photos and curiosities of the first three years together and the iconic Kinder Surprise egg.

The contest is a tribute to the first three years of the child. Once you have entered the child’s tax code and checked the availability of the gift, you will have up to 15 days to personalize your special ticket with the many photos and curiosities of the first 3 years together. Once the personalization has been completed, it will be possible to indicate an address to which the gift signed Kinder Sorpresa will be sent.

A small box that reveals a new experience: the most important moments of these first 3 years unfold and, among many curiosities and memories of happy moments spent together, lead to the discovery of the Kinder Surprise egg hidden inside.

The digital gift for older children

And for older children? There is the customizable curiosity card. Kinder Sorpresa has therefore thought of a digital gift for them that parents can download. There are three different themes (games, music and passions) to play and discover how sweet it is to be curious.

Kinder Surprise 3 years competition

The Kinder Surprise contest

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