Your business, Conti triumphs with Paola Barale and Diletta Leotta. And beats Pieraccioni

Carlo Conti, the confession on the farewell to the Legacy and the death of Fabrizio Frizzi

Carlo Conti triumphs with Paola Barale and Diletta Leotta at "Your Business (Long live the spouses!) And beats everyone

Paola Barale between television and private photos on Instagram

Carlo Conti triumphs with Paola Barale and Diletta Leotta in your Business (Long live the spouses!) And also beats his friend Leonardo Pieraccioni. The conductor led the first episode of the format, flanked by many famous guests, clashing with Il Ciclone, the famous film by Pieraccioni, with Natalia Estada and Lorena Forteza. The show, whose young couples who want to get married open their packages to win the prize pool, triumphed on Boxing Day.

Following Your Affairs (Long live the spouses!) Were 5,002,000 spectators, or 19% share, an excellent result given that the format beat Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part II, broadcast on Channel Five with 2,539,000 spectators equal to 11.1% share. On Italia Uno, on the other hand, Leonardo Pieraccioni's Il Ciclone was scheduled, which brought 1,599,000 spectators to the TV, equal to 6.7% share.

Business of yours (Long live the spouses!) Brings on TV a format much loved by viewers in a completely new guise. In fact, in each episode we find a couple close to marriage and a wedding list is up for grabs that includes a maximum prize pool of 300 thousand euros. In the game show, parcels containing the prizes are opened, as usual, to be opened by the Witnesses, or ten famous people. In the first episode, in addition to Diletta Leotta and Paola Barale, Carlo Conti also hosted Enrico Brignano, Dado, Sergio Frisca, Gigi & Ross, Flora Canto and Tosca D’Aquino. Regular guests of the show Nino Frassica and Ubaldo Pantani.

"With the director Coletta we said that there had to be a particular reason for this edition – Conti explained to Corriere della Sera – and we had the idea of ​​the spouses, thinking about how many marriages have been postponed, how many young people have been held back from economic and organizational issues. In this difficult period, I like to look to the future and give some hope (…) We will not make a difference with respect to ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation – he concluded -: we will choose competitors based on their history and television factor. And if there are homosexual couples it will not be alone simply because they have to be represented ”.

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