Your Facts, Pamela Camassa towards the management

After Samanta Togni's farewell, Pamela Camassa could land at "I Fatti Vostri" with Giancarlo Magalli

Pamela Camassa and Filippo Bisciglia, story of a love

Pamela Camassa could conduct Your Facts. In fact, in September the Rai format will return with many new features starting from the conduction. Samanta Togni has decided to leave the helm of the show presented in tandem with Giancarlo Magalli. The former dancer of Dancing with the Stars will therefore be replaced by a new presenter who could be Pamela.

To reveal it the weekly Chi who in the goodies of gossip told: "Pamela Camassa, partner of Filippo Bisciglia, could arrive as the female face of I Fatti Vostri". On the other hand, the Camassa has made itself known and appreciated by the public thanks to the Special Friends of Maria De Filippi. Victory in talent came thanks to talent and determination. This is why many are convinced that in the next television season the showgirl could land on I Fatti Vostri alongside Giancarlo Magalli.

On the other hand, Samanta Togni's farewell has left a void that will need to be filled. The former dancer from Ballando, who had taken the place of Roberta Morise, has repeatedly clarified the reasons for her farewell, related to a personal choice and not, as had been rumored, to alleged tensions with Magalli. "The experience at I Fatti Vostri and the human and professional relationship with Giancarlo Magalli made me grow, but I decided not to return in the next edition of the program – he explained -. I would like to focus on new things, I would like a program where I can make my experience as a dancer available to young people ”.

In the meantime, doubts continue on the conduct of Giancarlo Magalli who could decide to leave the show. If his farewell had been denied several times in the past, the words with which he left the viewers in the last episode of the program created new doubts. "Thanks to you, I Fatti Vostri audience, for the most difficult year of our life – he said, taking leave of the audience -. We have kept you company, you have kept us company. In September knock, someone will open you […]. In this square in September there will be someone to welcome you ”.

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