“You're cute, just think about singing”: Elisa and sexism in music


Elisa remembers on Instagram the episode of sexism that involved her at the beginning of her career and underlines: "Let's not let anyone tell us that this is not our place"

In the aftermath of the controversy related to the episode of sexism that involved the Match of the Heart, with the dg of the National Singers Pecchini who resigned after Aurora Leone of The Jackal denounced being excluded "as a woman" from the table of the dinner of the National Singers on the eve of the match, Elisa returns to the topic and in a post published on her Instagram account she recounts an episode of sexism that occurred at the beginning of her career. Fortunately, thanks to the singer's character and determination, instead of holding her back as she would have done with many less stubborn young people, "it was fuel that helped her to push even more on the accelerator".

You are cute, think about singing. Leave the writing alone. I was fifteen and those words gave me gastritis that lasted for months. I should have left the production, the arrangements, the curiosity for so many instruments alone, because it was all too much.
It would have been enough to smile, "look nice", sing well and "keep me in mind".
These were the words of a male producer that I stumbled upon even before my beginnings. For me they were just more fuel, bitter yes, but still good to push the accelerator even further down.

At the age of twenty-seven I was in Zurich in the studio with Tina Turner to record her voice, because I was the producer of the piece I had written for our duet and therefore took care of the arrangements and also all the technical aspects of the recording. She said to me “I am very proud of you, women like you are changing the world. When I was young, what you are doing today here with me would have been unthinkable ”.

Let's not let anyone tell us this is not our place.

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