You're on a diet but don't lose weight: the most common mistakes

You're on a diet but don't lose weight: the most common mistakes

No gymnastics, unsuitable drinks and some other mistakes, what to do if the weight does not drop

A diet always starts well: there is the desire to return to those clothes in view of spring, the right willpower and the pleasure of returning to healthy eating. And so the satisfaction arrives immediately: the first kilos go away, the balance needle goes backwards, but then, something goes wrong and the weight no longer drops or even goes back up. Yet you avoid the breakfast bar, you give up a world of goodness. Where is the error per hour? The first, to be absolutely avoided, is to pass the blame on the metabolism: that has nothing to do. Let's try to understand where you really are wrong and how to correct your shot:

The real fat
It should be made clear immediately that the first few pounds are the easiest to lose. It goes down a lot and quickly because liquids are lost. Then it's time for real fat and it takes more time to get rid of it. We must proceed calmly. The ideal is to lose a kilo, a kilo and a half a week. More would be too much and you run the risk of recovering as soon as you resume a normal life.

No to shortcuts
There are slimming creams, deflating massages and a thousand anti-cellulite treatments, pressotherapy, etc.etc plus draining herbal teas. In addition, hundreds of diets promising miracles are circulating online or by word of mouth. In reality there are no shortcuts, there are only two things that make you lose weight: physical activity and a balanced diet.

You don't have to be hungry
If you want to follow a diet, always contact a specialist. And remember the golden rule: those on a diet must not be hungry. Hunger does not help you lose weight, it only helps to accumulate fat with the next meal.

The best time for gymnastics
Put the alarm clock first, go to bed early, do as you like. But if you want good results quickly, exercise early in the morning. Is the gym closed? Lie on the ground and do your abs. Or go up and down the step. Or go running around the block. Same effort, greater performance if you play sports in the early hours of the day.

Mozzarella, what an enemy!
Caprese will also be good but it is not a dietary dish. If you are eating whole dishes convinced to do the right thing, think again. Mozzarella is not lean and in principle – know it – there are not many pro-diet cheeses. Despite the advertisements.

Tell me what you drink …
"I eat little and don't lose weight." Okay, but do you pay attention to what you drink? Sugary drinks, aperitifs (also non-alcoholic) with friends, wine at the table and – for heaven's sake – spirits are very high in calories. Drink water and give up the rest. Be careful not to overdo the juices: the fruit is also full of sugars.

The killer snack
"Just a packet of crackers." Do you know how many calories and how many fats they contain? The real enemy of the diet is the snack, thrown down while being thoughtful and that is not kept in mind in the calculation of the day…. Any occasion is good for chewing something. Sew your mouth and stay away from deleterious snacks.

When you say buttery …
Are you on a diet and do you still have a pack of butter that wanders in the refrigerator? We are not really there. Olive oil, in small quantities, because if you want to lose weight, forget the butter. Don't spread it, don't use it for cooking, don't even look at it. The chicken breast – which may even be sad – stir-fried with a knob of butter is not dietetic.

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