Zara basics are the ones to have and wear all year round!

Zara basic

Zara basics are the ones to have all year round! They are easy to use, of good quality and in step with trends. In addition, they cost very little! Here is the CheDonna style guide that will show you which garments to buy from Zara!

In recent years we have all noticed a change in the world of fashion, which has gone from producing simple collections with monochromatic colors to bright patterns, strong colors and convoluted models. The fashion of 2022, above all, is a rich and fun fashion! Both the clothes to go to the office and those for ceremonies are particular and full of details. But we must never forget to have it in the closet the 4 essential basic items, to best create all our outfits. What are these leaders? How much do they cost? And where can we buy them? Let’s find out everything we need to know, up here CheWoman!

Zara basic

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The Spanish brand Zara is known all over the world for producing clothes in step with trends, of good quality and at competitive prices.

What many don’t know is that Zara makes one every year a line that takes the name of “basic”, made up of basic, trendy and low-cost garments that continue throughout the year.

The basic items of Zarain fact, they are what you need in the wardrobes of every self-respecting fashionista, because to create even the most particular outfit we always need a basic garment.

Let’s see together what are the basic Zara garments we absolutely need, how to match them, and how much they cost!

The basic line of Zara is simple but in step with the trends: here are 4 items to have absolutely!

There is no better thing in fashion than being able to find simple, well-fitting clothes that you can’t do without. We all have our favorite shirt, the jacket that fits us well, and the jeans that we never leave behind. This is why having basic items that we like in the wardrobe is very important!

Zara basic

Photo from Official Zara website

Let’s get into this branded style guide right away CheWoman and let’s see what are the 4 items of the basic collection of Zara that we should have:

  • halter neck bodysuit: we all need at least one leotard that fits us well, because it can solve a lot of style situations. For example, at Zara you can find the halter neckline body, that is American, in many colors and for only € 17.95.
  • mini bell pants: another item that we should have in the closet is a nice bell trousers. For 2022 the trends say bell-shaped trousers, yes, but short at the ankle. Zara offers us a model costing € 19.95.
  • cotton t-shirt with shoulder pads: cotton t-shirts are the lifesaver of all of us, which we wear all year round and on all occasions. Zara offers us a soft model with internal straps. Also excellent as under jacket. Cost € 15.95.
  • ribbed t-shirt: last, but not least, is the ribbed crop top. Perfect for high-waisted trousers and skirts, both for casual and more elegant combinations. Available in various colors. Cost € 4.95. By the way, they are Kate Middleton’s favorite shoes, and will become ours too!

Zara basic

photo from Official Zara website

Even for today the license plate style guide ends here CheWoman most fashionable of the moment, which saw basic Zara garments as protagonists.

See you at the next style guide, to discover all the news from the world of fashion, and more!

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