Zebrafish white caviar, the anti-aging novelty for skin care


Hyaluronic acid, collagen and coenzyme Q10, beware! The most famous cornerstones of daily skincare must make room for the newcomer, the Zebrafish white caviara precious extract of animal origin that has been shown to physiologically stimulate vitality and skin renewal.

This particular active ingredient was put under the lens by Aurora Biosearch, a biotech research and development company that – in collaboration with several Italian universities – has discovered how the eggs of this tropical fish are capable of improving all the parameters on which it depends. the youth of the skin. The reason? Like all eggs, Zebrafish eggs also contain the substances necessary to guide the formation and birth of life, so they can support the regeneration mechanisms that dermatology has always aspired to.

264236We talked about it with the doctor Adele Sparavignaspecialist in Dermatology and Venereology, who participated in the effectiveness tests of Stem Age, the first line of face and body creams based on this natural substance, the white caviar of Zebrafish.

Doctor Sparavigna, can we talk about a revolution in the world of beauty?

Yes, Stem Age is a biologically complete product thanks to the factors that are contained in the white caviar of Zebrafish, a tropical fish which shares about 80 percent of its genes with humans. This feature makes it highly “compatible” with our cellular mechanisms, not to mention the fact that it is a fish with a very high tissue regenerative capacity, superior to any other living organism.

So what is your opinion as a professional in the sector?

I’m used to not letting myself be influenced by the fashions of the moment or by the enthusiasm for innovations that arrive on the market, always maintaining my objectivity. I believe that any novelty should always be tested on a group of volunteers willing to use the product for at least four weeks, without knowing anything, so as not to be conditioned by preliminary information or personal expectations.

So tests were also conducted on Stem Age to evaluate its effectiveness?

Yes, we tested the product for a month on a group of women between the ages of 35 and 70, and then took into consideration the nine most important parameters for controlling skin aging. For example, making a comparison with some reference photographic scales, after four weeks of treatment we carried out a visual assessment of the wrinkles around the eyes or of the nasolabial ones, i.e. the furrows that run vertically from the nostrils towards the corners of the mouth. . We have also taken into consideration the improvement of the skin texture, whose regularity is a sign of youthfulness and correct hydration, as well as the firmness of the skin through the traditional “Pinch test”. But we also took into account the homogeneity of the pigmentation, the dryness of the skin, the possible presence of evident capillaries.

And what are the results?

We have entered the various scores in a web chart, a particular evaluation system that works in a simple way: the larger the area of ​​the web, the greater the skin aging. If after using a product that area shrinks, it means that that formulation really has an anti-aging action. And these products have proven to exercise it.

Are anti-aging and anti-wrinkle actions equivalent?

No, the anti-aging one is much deeper, because it aims to pull back the skin clock hands rather than just correcting a blemish. In the case of Stem Age, the result was really satisfying, because the line proved capable of reduce the skin aging index by 40 percent in just one month with visible, stable, long-lasting effects and no negative effects.

Negative effects in what sense?

Often, to obtain a “shock effect”, anti-aging products use aggressive molecules which can however stimulate a state of chronic inflammation. In addition to not inducing it, Stem Age showed in volunteers a significant increase in surface hydration and an almost intact level of deep hydration, the one that is most often penalized by anti-aging treatments.

Who is this product suitable for?

Broadly from 35 years onwards, even if the condition of the skin must be considered even before the age. In our tests we took into consideration women with moderate roughness, but even those who think with a view to prevention can benefit from it.

Is there a single formulation for the face?

No, there are also specific products for the body. The white caviar of Zebrafish is a precious ingredient for the whole skin, capable of offering a regenerative boost to both the face and the body: what changes is the vehicle with which it is transported to the cells, which varies in the different formulations.

Who wants to test this innovation, what results should they expect?

Surely, after a month of treatment, the skin appears younger, more luminous, elastic and nourished. According to our tests, the most responsive skins are those most damaged, neglected and not used to a correct beauty routine, because they regain their natural splendor. But Stem Age is also perfect from a preventive point of view, to maintain youth for a long time. The important thing is to choose the most suitable formulation for yourself: combination and seborrheic skin will benefit more than the serum, with a lighter, more fluid and less greasy consistency, while dry skin needs a richer and more enveloping cream. Opting for the correct strategy allows the peptides contained in the Zebrafish white caviar to reach the cells more easily, leading to the success of the cosmetic treatment.

Are the stars, always attentive to the news in this area, already using it?

Several VIPs are experiencing Stem Age with great satisfaction. In recent weeks, on the occasion of the Sanremo Festival, I made myself available to the singers for dermatological consultations and suggestions of aesthetic medicine: for the third consecutive year, I tried to sensitize them on the use of natural and not very aggressive products. Of course, Zebrafish white caviar is a very promising active ingredient and will increasingly fall into this range of possibilities.

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