Zone diet, lose weight and keep blood sugar at bay

Zone diet, lose weight and keep blood sugar at bay

Developed by biochemist Barry Sears, this diet favors the intake of low glycemic index carbohydrates

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The Zone diet is a diet that allows you to lose weight thanks to the strong reduction in carbohydrate intake. Created by Dr. Barry Sears, biochemist, it is famous all over the world and is characterized by its focus on the consumption of low glycemic index carbohydrates.

How does it work? The main indication for those who want to follow the Zone diet provides a balance of the nutrients taken at each meal, which should be divided as follows: 1/3 of lean proteins (egg white, fish, poultry, low fat dairy products) , 2/3 of the calories consumed from colored fruits and vegetables and a low dose of monounsaturated lipids (as regards the specific sources, among the main ones it is possible to mention extra virgin olive oil, avocado and almonds).

The Zone diet, which involves the daily consumption of six meals as to the main and the two classic snacks, one must be added in the evening, has been at the center of scientific attention for years. Several studies have investigated its repercussions on factors that can affect cardiovascular well-being. Getting to the heart of these scientific works, it is possible to cite a study made public in 2015 and conducted by a team active at the Medical University of Vienna.

We are speaking, to be precise, of an observational study that focused on the effects of a low glycemic index diet supplemented with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. The experts, observing the results in a real clinical context, were able to find an improvement in glycemic control, waist circumference and silent inflammation in overweight or obese patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

As mentioned above, the Zone diet does not totally eliminate carbohydrates, but focuses on those with a low glycemic index. This means it is important to exclude starchy vegetables – e.g. potatoes and aubergines – and fruits such as bananas, which are also an important source of starch.

Just to give some examples of meals, let us remember that crepes with cinnamon and apples made with oatmeal can be brought to the table for breakfast. For lunch, however, you can prepare an asparagus-based omelette, while for dinner you can opt for chicken with almonds, a quick and tasty recipe. We conclude by pointing out that before starting this diet it is advisable to ask your doctor for advice.

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