Zones risk areas: they hide the reasons why they are formed

Zones risk areas: they hide the reasons why they are formed

Ancient Ayurvedic medicine suggests that the areas at risk of pimples indicate the real causes of the problem, which are to be found in the internal organs

Pimples are annoying and unsightly and, as soon as we find one, we work to eliminate it quickly and definitively. Ancient Ayurvedic medicine however teaches that every single area of ​​our face is related to the functioning of an internal organ: pimples would therefore be alarm bells, which indicate to us in which district of the body we have fatigue or a more serious problem. It is important therefore to monitor the pimples, trying to learn the message they try to send us.

The most classic and common pimples are those on the cheeks; those on the left cheek are connected to the liver and its malfunction, in this case, could be cured by consuming cold foods, such as melons or watermelon. If instead the pimples are often on the right cheek, then it is the lungs that malfunction: smoking, allergies, respiratory problems lead to a worsening of the problem. If, on the other hand, pimples appear above all on the chin, the problems that stimulate their presence are related to the genital system or hormones.

Much spent pimples appear on the forehead, and are also annoying and painful; Ayurveda says that in this case it is about fatigue of the digestive system: better to follow a light diet without refined fats and sugars. The pimple on the nose, a classic problem for teenagers and not only, which often afflicts us just as we prepare to go out; this type of rash depends on problems with the cardiovascular system: high cholesterol, blood pressure skyrocketing, or lack of vitamin B. When you have a heavy liver, due to a high consumption of drugs, drugs or alcohol, then generally i pimples occur between the eyebrows and are also very deep and difficult to get rid of.

It does not happen often, but sometimes pimples can also appear on the ears; ancient Indian medicine also has a suggestion for this type of rash, given that the ears, according to Ayurveda, are the mirror of the kidneys. If pimples repeat often, then perhaps there is a problem related to the lack of water taken daily or an electrolyte imbalance. The pimples on the sides of the mouth, on the other hand, are linked to the imbalances of the colon: it is better to follow a few days on a light diet, free of substances that irritate the intestine, such as spices, chilli, coffee or chocolate.

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