Zorzi and Oppini still together: on Instagram they announce new projects

Zorzi and Oppini still together: on Instagram they announce new projects

The two friends will return to share a stage after the success of Big Brother Vip

Stefania Orlando: the relationship with Zorzi and the dream of a return to TV

Tommaso Zorzi and Francesco Oppini are back together on TV. After the great success at Big Brother Vip, of which the Milanese scion is also the winner, the two friends are ready for a new public meeting strongly desired by Maurizio Costanzo.

The photo that thrilled the fans appeared on Zorzi's official Instagram, which he showed himself with his friend Oppini without releasing too many previews. "By popular demand" is his only comment, suggesting that the wait for their return together is becoming increasingly restricted.

According to the first rumors, it would seem that the two have been chosen as guests of the next episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show, where Zorzi is now at home. Not happy with the MCS alone, Tommaso doubled the events destined for Francesco with a long interview with Punto Z, broadcast on Mediaset Play on the evening of Wednesday 14 April.

Their friendship had thrilled the many spectators of Big Brother, even though their relationship was prematurely cut off by the release of Oppini in December. Alba Parietti's son had in fact decided to interrupt his stay in the program after the production had announced an important extension of the reality show.

Tommaso Zorzi's tears for his choice had melted even the coldest hearts, up to the declaration of love that he had reserved for sincere listening to Cristiano Malgioglio. The Sicilian artist was, in fact, able to make him confess his feelings for Oppini.

A love, his, which has not subsided despite the end of the TV show: "Francesco was my great love for Big Brother, I declared myself putting aside as always the pride that is now non-existent. We often hear – he continued – it was a person who really opened the door of my heart ”.

There was no lack of considerations on his friend's girlfriend, Cristina, who supported him during his last experience on television: "I feel a healthy envy for his girlfriend, because I believe that she has a man with the 'U at her side 'capital letter ”.

That Maurizio Costanzo would have exalted the figure of Tommaso Zorzi, also passing through his faithful companion in the House, was clear from the very first words released by the famous journalist on the account of the Lombard influencer.

Having landed on generalist TV with participation in GFVip, he also enjoys the esteem of Maurizio Costanzo, who said he was already enthusiastic about working with him. Speaking at the last appointment with TvTalk, he said: "I find Zorzi very nice as a person and I hope to be able to continue collaborating with him for a long time."

At the Maurizio Costanzo Show, Tommaso Zorzi and Francesco Oppini will also share the stage to sing a song chosen for them, with which they will still have the opportunity to look each other in the eyes as they did in the Big Brother House.

Zorzi and Oppini

Tommaso Zorzi and Francesco Oppini

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