Zorzi and Tommaso Stanzani: couple vacation (with Elisabetta Gregoraci)

Zorzi and Tommaso Stanzani: couple vacation (with Elisabetta Gregoraci)

Zorzi and Tommaso Stanzani are happier and happier and post the first couple photo (taken by Elisabetta Gregoraci) on Instagram.

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Tommaso Zorzi and Tommaso Stanzani are happier and happier and have allowed themselves the first couple holiday, flanked by Elisabetta Gregoraci. The two are in Puglia and have published some shots on Instagram that portray them, smiling and serene, during a boat trip in the Mulino d’Acqua Bay near Otranto.

The influencer and the dancer met after Tommaso Stanzani's exit from Amici di Maria De Filippi. During the show, Zorzi had often commented on the artist's skill, later he had shown a certain interest in him at the end of an interview with Verissimo.

Shortly after the first sightings of the two arrived on the streets of Milan with the dog Gilda and finally the videos and photos in the Instagram Stories. Stanzani is in Puglia to participate in Battiti Live, a program conducted by Elisabetta Gregoraci. The dancer, who is in the show's corps de ballet, was joined by Zorzi.

Between one live and the next, the influencer and the dancer allowed themselves a bit of relaxation. With them Elisabetta Gregoraci who took the photo of the couple posted on Instagram. "Good photographer – wrote the ex-wife of Flavio Briatore -. You are beautiful! ". Many friends of Tommaso Zorzi commented on the shot, including several former competitors of the GF Vip. Like Stefania Orlando, who added a series of hearts and Patrizia De Blanck who wrote: “Stupendi”. Francesco Oppini, a great friend of the columnist from the Isola dei Famosi, instead ironed: "What a top! I just hope Elisabetta Gregoraci isn't driving ”.

In the Casa del GF Vip, Tommaso Zorzi had told of his desire to fall in love and find the right person after some bad relationships. Aurora Ramazzotti's friend had also revealed in front of the cameras that he felt a feeling towards Francesco Oppini. Alba Parietti's son had intervened during an episode to reassure his friend and show him all his support. The bond between the two continued even after the end of Alfonso Signorini's reality show and today Francesco couldn't be happier for Tommaso.

Zorzi and Tommaso Stanzani

Zorzi and Tommaso Stanzani

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