10 tips to avoid getting sick this winter

10 tips to avoid getting sick this winter

The days are getting shorter and shorter, the cold is coming… It’s almost winter and generally, the season is accompanied by its share of viruses. So how can you avoid getting sick? Here is practical advice from Dr. Gérald Kierzek, emergency physician and medical director of TipsForWomens.

Cold, covid, sore throat, flu… there is no shortage of viral infections. So how can you avoid getting sick? Here are 10 practical tips from Dr. Gérald Kierzek to protect yourself.

Adopt a balanced diet

For a complete supply of vitamins and minerals, nothing beats a balanced diet. “This helps strengthen your immune system and provides better protection against viruses” explains Dr. Kierzek.

Hydrate well

Hydration, often forgotten in relation to food, is nevertheless important to maintain for the proper functioning of our body. “This is especially true because when it is cold, we tend to be less thirsty. But you must always drink well every day, 1.5L of water on average” emphasizes Gérald Kierzek.

Exercise daily

Physical exercise is important to protect your health. This also applies to avoiding viral infections. “This means that we must seize every opportunity to move, to practice physical activity, no matter how minimal it may be” according to Gérald Kierzek.

Get enough sleep

Almost all of us need to sleep 7 to 8 hours a night. According to the medical director of TipsForWomens, “sleep is restorative for our body, sleeping well also means being better protected against winter viruses“.

Avoid excessive stress

It is essential, according to our specialist, to fight against excessive stress. “This can be done through yoga, meditation, self-hypnosis… All of these methods are good for reducing everyday stress.” assures the doctor.

Wash one’s hands

It’s basic, but washing your hands several times a day protects against viral infections, such as colds or tonsillitis, but also against gastroenteritis.

Avoid contact with sick people

When we meet a sick person, we try to keep our distance, because contamination passes through spit in particular and kissing, for example. “We can also advise, when you are sick, to wear a surgical mask” added Dr. Kierzek.

Clean your interior regularly

Door handles, switches, fridge, toilets… The house must be maintained and regularly cleaned. “It is important to clean your interior regularly, without wanting to sanitize it.” indicates Gérald Kierzek again.

Have your vaccinations up to date

Do you know when your last vaccination was? If this is not the case, it is time to contact your doctor to update your vaccination record. “This applies to all vaccines and if you are fragile, you should also consider getting vaccinated against the flu or Covid-19.” estimates our expert.

Dress for the weather

This makes sense, but covering up well prevents you from being cold and weakening our mucous membranes. Because it is this process that facilitates the entry of viruses into our body, when we encounter one. So get into the habit of knowing the weather before preparing your outfit for the next day.