3 signs your immune system is weakened

3 signs your immune system is weakened

With winter approaching are you more prone to illness? Dr. Gérald Kierzek reveals the 3 signs that show that your immune system is weakened! He also gives you some tips to strengthen your immunity.

Persistent fatigue

The first sign that your immune system may be weakened is chronic fatigue. According to Dr. Kierzek: “Persistent fatigue can often be linked to chronic stress or lack of sleep.”. This significant state of fatigue can lead to a drop in tone, in other words muscle weakness.

Our advices ? To remedy this problem, it is important to give yourself breaks and have a regular and sufficient sleep schedule. To keep stress away, don’t hesitate to take time for yourself and spend moments of relaxation with a walk in the forest, a massage or a meditation session for example!

Increased susceptibility to infections

Another common sign of a weakened immune system is an increased risk of infections. Dr. Kierzek talks about various infections: “Symptoms may include rhinitis, cough, sore throat, gastrointestinal infections. It is also possible to suffer from fungal infections such as herpes, as well as urinary infections. When your immune system functions less well, these types of infections can occur repeatedly and over very short intervals.“In addition, in the case of injuries, the healing process may be slower if the immune system is slowed down.

Our advices ? To strengthen your immunity it is also important to promote a balanced diet, with fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins. In winter, it is interesting to take a vitamin D course to compensate for the lack of sunlight. Iron, magnesium and anti-oxidants also help you reduce fatigue and benefit from better immune defenses!

Allergies and recurring colds

“In addition, recurring allergies and colds can also indicate a weakened immune system“, confides Dr. Kierzek. Indeed, allergy is linked to a disruption of the immune system, resulting in a loss of tolerance to allergens.

Catching more than four colds per year should also alert you because this could be linked to a lack of lymphocytes, cells that play a role in fighting infections. Dr. Abel specifies in an article published on Yahoo News that “Vitamins such as B12, folic acid or zinc present in the diet contribute to the production of these cells. If these vitamins are lacking, you risk catching colds more frequently.”.

To regain a stronger immune system, probiotics can be a valuable ally. These contribute to the balance of your natural defenses, in particular by providing the energy necessary for growth and cellular renewal. In addition, they play a barrier role against the development of pathogens.

Dr. Kierzek adds: “In the case where the immune defenses are non-existent (aplasia or severe immune deficiency, etc.), the serious infections that occur can have serious consequences and in the worst cases lead to death..

So don’t wait and prepare now to face winter by testing the 10 remedies to strengthen your immune system!

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