6 things to do to prevent your baby from catching a cold this winter

6 things to do to prevent your baby from catching a cold this winter

With the arrival of winter, the thermometer loses a few additional degrees every day. So how can you protect your child so that he doesn’t catch a cold? Here are the tips from Dr. Anna Boctor, pediatrician.

Rhinopharyngitis, bronchiolitis, tonsillitis… Winter viruses are here and cooler temperatures increase the risk of getting sick, especially for toddlers. So how can we prevent them from catching a cold? Let’s take stock with Dr Anne Boctor, pediatrician.

Two conditions must be met to become ill

First of all, let’s remember what causes us to get sick“explains the pediatrician.”This is due to the weakening of our ENT mucous membranes by an external factor such as cold or air conditioning, for example, to which we add the presence of a virus, which will penetrate this weakened barrier.“These two conditions must be met, in children as in adults, to catch a cold.

Cover your child well but don’t overheat your room

To avoid weakening the ENT sphere in children, the specialist advises covering them well before going out. “IYou have to cover a child well before going out but at home, on the contrary, you don’t heat up too much, especially your room. The latter must be heated to around 19°C at night, this is sufficient and necessary to sleep well. You can put him in thick pajamas and a sleeping bag or blanket, depending on his age and that will be enough.t” estimates the pediatrician.

Ventilate your home regularly

Also pay attention to humidity in your home. “This precisely promotes this weakening of the mucous membranes, so you must be vigilant as a parent and ventilate your home well, even if it is cold, for fifteen minutes in the morning and fifteen minutes in the evening, every day.” advises the specialist.

Wash your hands regularly

To avoid the transmission of viruses, basic hygiene rules must also be respected, as Dr Boctor reminds us. “Winter infections are transmitted by viruses, so it is essential to wash your hands with soap regularly throughout the day. It’s a gesture that must be taught to children too“.

We avoid crowded places

This also makes sense but Dr Boctor also emphasizes it: “Going to a crowded shopping center, during Christmas time, for example, with a baby or even in the metro, should be avoided.”.

Wear a mask when you are sick

Finally, in general, she recommends that adults protect themselves to avoid contaminating their children or their young loved ones. “When you are sick, you wear a mask, wash your hands and avoid kissing a baby on the face or hands. We are not going to prevent a parent from kissing their child, but those around them must avoid kissing a toddler on the face or hands, in order to avoid any risk of contamination. Because an adult can be contagious, without having symptoms and a simple cold can turn into serious bronchiolitis, in a baby less than three months old.she adds.

Think about vaccination

Precisely, to protect a baby from bronchiolitis, Dr Boctor recalls the arrival on the market of Beyfortus, an injectable monoclonal antibody. Vaccination against whooping cough should also be considered in those around a child under three months old. “This is what we call the cocooning strategy: vaccinate adults to protect the child. This is particularly recommended for whooping cough, because adults are generally not up to date with this vaccination and the bacteria that causes the disease can cause serious consequences in toddlers, which can lead to cardiac arrest. Parents and grandparents must therefore be vaccinated, to avoid any risk. she concludes.