A Daffodil Against Cancer: the Institut Curie campaign celebrates its 20th anniversary

A Daffodil Against Cancer: the Institut Curie campaign celebrates its 20th anniversary

The Institut Curie, the leading French center in the fight against cancer, is celebrating this year the 20th anniversary of its national mobilization and call for generosity campaign, Une Jonquille Contre le Cancer, from March 12 to 24, 2024.

For this anniversary edition, the Institut Curie wants to bring together even more to beat a new donation record in order to accelerate innovations against cancer!

20 years of a solidarity campaign essential to research

This campaign celebrates two decades of progress against cancer but above all it aims to support and accelerate the research and medical innovations carried out at the Institut Curie.

Several events are on the program:

  • The Golden Daffodil. Who will get the Winning Chance Ticket? By making a donation or a solidarity purchase of a minimum amount of €5, everyone can participate in the Golden Jonquille and try their luck by drawing lots to win 4 places for the opening ceremony of Paris 2024 at stake , offered by Allianz Europe;
  • The Daffodil Race Against Cancer in which energy is transformed into a donation: 1 euro will be donated for each kilometer traveled by individuals to the Institut Curie thanks to the major sponsor of the event, Allianz Europe.
  • The Daffodil Village settles again at Place du Panthéon in Paris from Tuesday March 12 to Saturday March 16, 2024: events and solidarity sales of daffodils and related products will be offered to the general public.
  • Throughout the month of March 2024 and throughout Europesales of sharing products, rounds at the checkout, calls for donations, solidarity events and sales, generosity actions in the colors of the daffodil will flourish thanks to the mobilization of partner companies, associations and individuals…
  • A new TV spot also accompanies the event is available on the event website unejonquillecontrelecancer.fr
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Many hopeful discoveries

The Institut Curie teams are multidisciplinary and on a daily basis, researchers and doctors join forces to decipher the multiple facets of cancer, to understand tumor mechanisms (whether genetic, biological, immunological, etc.) and to develop innovative therapeutic strategies for the benefit of patients.

  • Nearly 20 years after the emergence of immunotherapy, the Institut Curie teams have extensively invested in this field of research and are engaged in extremely promising projects; for example through the development of completely new cell therapies against cancer.
  • In the field of cancer genetics, the Institut Curie develops pioneering research. This is particularly the case in pediatric oncology with the discovery of genetic alterations around twenty years ago which opened the way to the development of new therapeutic strategies for children with cancer (particularly in Ewing sarcomas and neuroblastomas).
  • The Institut Curie is also the cradle of radiotherapy and numerous innovations have been born in the laboratories of the Institut Curie and have given rise to innovative radiation medicine, through new methods of delivering doses or new families of molecules used for more effective and generating treatments. fewer after-effects.

With 433,000 new cases per year in Europe and more than 157,000 deaths, cancers remain a major public health issue. There is still a lot of progress to be made in terms of prevention, diagnosis, treatments… to treat cancer patients ever more and better. This 2024 edition is unique and an opportunity to look forward to the next 20 years by highlighting future innovations that bring hope to fight cancer and cure ever more patients.