Actress Émilie Dequenne announces that she is in complete remission from adrenocortical tumor. What is this cancer?

Actress Émilie Dequenne announces that she is in complete remission from adrenocortical tumor.  What is this cancer?

After announcing that she was suffering from a rare cancer, called adrenocorticaloma, last October, Belgian actress Émilie Dequenne is delighted today on Instagram to be in complete remission. But what is this rare cancer she is fighting?

This is good news that Emilie Dequenne revealed today on her Instagram page. According to her own words, the Belgian actress revealed in Rosetta of the Dardenne brothers in 1999 announced that she was in complete remission from cancer that she had been battling for several months. Last October, the young woman announced that she was suffering from adrenocortical tumor.

What is adrenocorticaloma, the rare cancer from which the actress suffered?

Although the word cancer is far from rare, adrenocortical carcinoma is not a form that we hear often. And for good reason: it is a kidney cancer that affects one to two people in a million per year.

“An adrenocorticaloma is a tumor that develops in the adrenal gland, specifically in the cortical layer of this gland. The adrenal gland is located above each kidney and is responsible for producing various hormones, including corticosteroid hormones such as cortisol. It is therefore an endocrine tumor” explains Dr. Gérald Kierzek, medical director of TipsForWomens.

In the case of adrenocorticaloma, the tumor thus originates from the cells of the cortical layer of the adrenal gland, which can lead to excessive production of corticosteroid hormones, in particular cortisol. This can lead to a variety of symptoms, including high blood pressure, weight gain, thin and fragile skin, bruising easily, muscle weakness, trouble sleeping, and other problems.

How is adrenocortical carcinoma treated?

“Diagnosis of adrenocortical carcinoma often involves hormonal tests to measure hormone levels in the blood and medical imaging, such as CT scan (TDM) you magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to locate and evaluate the tumor” continues our expert.

Treatment may involve surgery to remove the tumor, as well as other therapies to regulate hormone levels and manage symptoms.

As explained by the Gustave Roussy hospital, the establishment which followed Emilie Dequenne in her fight, “Initial management of an adrenocortical carcinoma in an expert center is recommended because obtaining complete cancer resection of the tumor is one of the main prognostic factors.

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A “morale of steel” to face what comes next

The 42-year-old actress nevertheless adds that “the battle is not over”. Remission indicates that medical examinations no longer detect any cancer cells in the patient’s body, but this does not yet indicate complete recovery.

Still under “very high surveillance and treatment”she nevertheless shares a resolutely positive message.

“I have morale of steel. What did I say ! A joy of living worthy of a princess who talks to birds! So you always have to believe it! Come on, we don’t give up! Never”, she wrote, without forgetting to share a thought with all the sick.