Anti-blue light glasses: usefulness, effects, models and limits

Anti-blue light glasses: usefulness, effects, models and limits

What are anti-blue light lenses used for? Who are this type of glasses for? Are they really effective? All the answers with the insight of orthoptist Véronique Fitoussi.

What are anti-blue light glasses?

“THE anti-blue light glasses found on certain models of glasses or sunglasses were created to filter blue lights emitted by screensmainly those produced by computers and cell phones”begins orthoptist Véronique Fitoussi.

This artificial light source is likely to be harmful to the eye by accelerating the aging of the retina. If we are too exposed to these blue lights from screens (they are very close to UV), “they can cause destruction of visual cells and create AMD” (age-related macular degeneration), she explains. In short, this blue-violet light would be dangerous for the retina. The rays of this blue light would also harm the quality of our sleep by blocking the secretion of melatonin (sleep hormone), which is why it is recommended not to watch screens in the evening, before going to bed.

The lenses of anti-blue light glasses contain filters that block or absorb blue light.

Who can wear anti-blue light glasses?

This type of filter glass can be used by everyonemen, women and children, whether to watch television in the evening or during the day, because we play gaming (video games) or work a lot on the computer, in order to limit visual fatigue (ocular) and ensure the protection of our eyes by ensuring greater comfort.

Note that it is not always useful to wear them during the day, except in the event of prolonged exposure, and that it is better to use them in the evening. A blue filter can be added to the lenses of prescription glasses as well as to pairs of sunglasses. To obtain personalized information, ask your optician.

Anti-blue light glass: models and prices

There are a multitude of lenses using anti-blue light technology. In terms of price, you can get a pair from an optician from around 25 euros or order it delivered. But they can cost a lot more. It all depends on the brand of the frame chosen according to your desires: if it is about rest glassesfor example for reading, from an optical telescope to corrective lenses or solar (protected against UV rays)…

The products offered by the Gunnar brand, for example, which has specialized in blue light filtering since 2017, offers a selection of products at fairly affordable prices, whether for children (like the red Spider-Man) or adult, on corrective or solar lenses. Among their flagship models, gaming glasses of the type Intercept (from 69.90 euros), available with or without correction. The Clear range also available in various colors (black, pink, tortoise, black gold, etc.). Count 39 euros for the Blue Block by Afflelou model anti reflection against blue light, available in 4 colors (black, blue, tortoiseshell or white). From 35 euros, you can wear Miller Gold, available on Luxreaders. Gaming, office, solar… You can also turn to the Horus X brand glasses models (Helzinki, Ozaka, etc.) which all have unique Horus Even the essential brand Ray-Ban specializing in sunglasses has launched its collection “Blue-violet anti-light glasses”. In terms of colors (black, pink, tortoise, etc.) and frame (square or rounded), there is something for everyone.

Do you prefer something more discreet? Try it Elie.A Transparent from Le Petit Lunetter. Presenting themselves as a timeless classic, Black from Elo&John (99 euros), these are small black glasses to have in your wardrobe, offering colored lenses with a gradient effect. And, on Myblueprotect, a pair of Myblueprotect glasses purchased (from 25 euros) = a free pair of anti-blue light glasses (CE ISO 12312-1 standards) with a pop look (delivery within 24 hours).

Rather a view model for gaming, screen, reading or even driving (transparent glass) or for the sun? What if you took both! Finally, the trendy French eyewear manufacturer Izipizi also offers a collection (made in Europe) equipped with lenses with an anti-blue light filter like the Blue Tortoisefrom Black or the Violet Down (other colors are available). The same goes for glasses models eco-responsible for young and old from the Les Petits Yeux Verts brand.

Effectiveness and limits of anti-blue light lenses:

“The effectiveness of glasses equipped with anti-blue light filters is estimated at around 30%”, reports Véronique Fitoussi. They have been recommended by opticians for many years, because they protect us from this type of light considered harmful to the health of our eyes. But according to a recent study published in August 2023 in the scientific journal Cochranesaid blue light which emanates from the screen would not actually be that harmful. Wearing anti-blue light glasses when consuming screens (computer, smartphones, tablet or television) would therefore only have very limited effectiveness.

However, they are in no way dangerous to health. Also, whether you’re looking at a screen or reading, if they can bring some comfort and rest to your eyes… try them and you’ll see!