Ask yourself the right questions before buying using the BISOU method

Ask yourself the right questions before buying using the BISOU method

Becoming more reasonable in terms of consumption can be learned. And since the subject is becoming a necessity to preserve the planet, perhaps it is useful to bring up to date the BISOU method to be released as soon as a purchase is looming (especially at the end of the year). We’ll explain it to you.

More sobriety. This is what we must collectively strive for so as not to further exhaust the planet. But personally, what to do? How to change your own consumption? A now recognized method emerged from a book in 2020, Responsible consumption abuse makes you happy! by Marie Duboin and Herveline Giraudeau, which consists of thinking better about your purchases. And this method has a name that we don’t forget, the BISOU method.

The BISOU method, instructions for consuming more usefully

Nothing to do with affection, the KISS method is a mnemonic way to quickly think about our needs when we are about to buy something. Each letter evokes a reflection:

  • B for Need : we wonder, frankly, if this next purchase is really necessary;
  • I for Immediate : in the same vein, ask yourself if it is possible to wait before purchasing this item. If there is no rush, it is because it is an impulse and not a necessary purchase;
  • S for Similar: think before buying this item if you do not already have a similar one;
  • O for Origin: don’t forget to ask about the origin of the objects. Since a quality product will last longer.
  • U for Useful: also think about the usefulness of the item before acquiring new things. And in this case, a repair of an existing item might be more beneficial.

The goal is therefore to review these 5 steps before taking out your credit card. And in many cases, when it comes to an impulse, it works!

A campaign to take responsibility (before Black Friday)

In the same vein, and just before Black Friday, which pushes us to consume, the Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) and the Ministry of Ecological Transition also invite us to ask ourselves the right questions before purchasing and to adopt the right reflexes in terms of responsible consumption. Rethinking your needs, thinking about your purchasing actions, are the first steps towards more sober daily practices, which in the long term contribute to preserving resources and meeting the climate challenge. A campaign was launched in this direction on November 14, entitled “Let’s ask ourselves the right questions before buying”.

The first part, unveiled today, targets consumers to make them think about their consumption habits through an advertising spot where a “reseller” questions you about your real motivation to buy. Changing our consumption habits is necessary today, while the consumption of goods is responsible for 25% of the greenhouse effect in Europe.

Other solutions for consuming differently

However, many solutions, more economical to purchase and more respectful of the planet, exist, announces the press release. For them to become widespread, it is essential to use several levers: the availability of an alternative offer, its accessibility in terms of price, and the evolution of behavior, by questioning needs. This implies a new behavior:

  • Give up over-equipping yourself;
  • No longer aim for larger products resulting in higher carbon and material weights;
  • Avoid renewing too often by systematically purchasing new equipment;
  • Buy more durable goods: the reparability index ensures that you are purchasing equipment that is more easily repairable and has less harmful environmental consequences.

Furthermore, renting, borrowing, repairing, reconditioning are also alternatives and are, ultimately, behaviors that protect resources. To include more in our practices.