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Transparent eyeliner will make your eyes always look young

eyeliner trasparente
Transparent eyeliner is the last frontier of make-up and teaches us that often a simple and natural make-up is more useful than an “artificial” one. Here’s how it applies. Comes from TikTok – on which we can now find the most disparate beauty tips – and it is a really…

Are you 40 and unable to lose weight? Here are the rules to follow

dieta 40 anni
After age 40, losing weight may be more difficult. Find out what are the rules to follow to get back to your ideal weight quickly and easily. Losing weight, as well as keeping fit, means being able to balance rules that are sometimes difficult to put together. A problem that…

Diet for those who study: here is the correct diet for facing exams

dieta per chi studia
It is exam time for many students and nutrition is also essential: this is the diet for those who study. In this period many students are required to take exams. Thousands of high school students are currently facing the final exams, while the university students are taking the exams for…

Anti-heat diet: here are the right foods to fight the heat

dieta anti afa
With rising temperatures, you need to follow an anti-heat diet: here are the right foods to fight the heat and experience it to the fullest. With the mercury rising it is important to adjust one diet that helps the body defend itself from the heat. There anti-heat diet it is…