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Floral skirts are always a great idea! Wear spring summer

Gonne floreali estate 3-7-22
At one time floral skirts were considered suitable only for ladies well, then they became a symbol of cultural revolution with the hippie movement (not surprisingly also called flower children) and today they are much more simply fashionable garments to wear in different situations based on cut, color and pattern.…

Discovering dry brushing: what it is and how it works

donna con dry brushing
This time we want to talk to you about a special beauty treatment, dry brushing, but what exactly is it? With the various beauty treatments in continuous growth, in this period one in particular is becoming popular, the dry brushing. CanvaBut what exactly is it and how does it work?…

When choosing the costume to buy, beware of these mistakes

errori costume
It is summer now and our desire for summer shopping is still intact, but when you buy a costume, beware of these errors. Sure, let’s face it, many of us have already been doing summer shopping for quite a while and they have also already started going to the beach…

Important event coming up? Follow this skin care routine

donna segue routine di cura della pelle
Do you have an important opportunity around the corner? Follow our advice by trying out this fantastic skincare routine. When it comes to prepare for an important eventHaving glowing and beautiful skin is probably at the top of your priority list. CanvaYour look might be flawless, but if your skin…

Dry your face: with or without a towel? Here is the answer

asciugarsi viso con asciugamano
Have you ever wondered if for the sake of your skin it would be better to dry your face with or without a towel? Let’s find out together. You’ve probably heard of benefits which brings air drying to your hair, but did you know it’s a good idea too drying…

What are emollients? A concentrate of benefits for your skin!

emollienti benefici pelle
Do you know what emollients are? Let’s find out together the benefits they can bring to your skin and what are the various types. You may have never heard of them, but you have probably used them before, since emollients they are often included in skin care products. CanvaKnowing what…