Baby crying: what is normal and what is not?

Baby crying: what is normal and what is not?

Should you move or not as soon as your baby sobs? If the debate does not bring everyone in agreement depending on the generation, there is nevertheless an answer, according to pediatrician Dr. Anna Boctor.

“Let him cry, you’re getting him too used to the arms”… Who has never heard this kind of sentence thrown by a family member or loved one, when you were about to rush into the baby’s room in full sob. But in this case, what is a normal cry and which one should get your attention? We asked Dr. Anne Boctor, pediatrician, to answer the question once and for all.

Babies cry, and that’s normal

First of all, it must be remembered, there is no such thing as a baby without crying. These are therefore normal, even if they can worry you or liven up the evening. “We must still remember that crying is the only means of expression for a baby who does not speak. So this is the only way he can call you, make himself heard, or say something. You have to accept it.” says the pediatrician.

On the other hand, it is also about responding to this information.

Yes, you have to go see a crying baby

But if crying is common, it also serves no purpose, since it expresses a request, more or less urgent. According to the pediatrician, it is therefore not a question of leaving the baby in silence. “Baby never cries for nothing. You must therefore respond to your request every time. What message can we send to this child from the start when his parents don’t respond, when no one goes to see him?” she asks.

When a baby cries, it is therefore important to reach out to him, to talk to him, even at 6 months, to reassure him and above all to cuddle him. “Please note that there can never be too many cuddles when it comes to a baby.” she reassures.

Only parents really know when their child cries

When it comes to the cause of crying, such as at bedtime, Dr. Boctor recommends trusting yourself as a parent. “Ultimately, only you can know if your baby makes a little protest cry when you put him to bed (even though he will fall asleep in 2 minutes), or if this cry requires more attention”. Same thing if it is a cry of fatigue or pain. Ultimately, parents are the best at knowing their child, recognizing what is usual and what is not. And what the child needs.

Finally, if you feel the need to cuddle your baby during a major sadness, do not deprive yourself of it, despite external injunctions, advises the pediatrician. “It is the lack of love and cuddles that causes emotional deficiencies, and after-effects in a person’s life, it was never too much cuddles or attention in childhood.