Be careful, this blush cannot be eaten (even if it is tempting!)

Be careful, this blush cannot be eaten (even if it is tempting!)

On TikTok, a dubious trend has emerged: influencers are biting into the new blushes from the cosmetics brand Milk Makeup. A practice, not without risk.

Incredible but true. Fans of the cosmetics brand Milk Makeup recently filmed themselves eating… blushes. These would indeed look like funny gummy candies.

A jelly-like, colorful candy-like texture

Barely a week after their launch, the new blushes from the cosmetics brand Milk Makeup are attracting followers. The fans crave them, to the point of wanting to snack on them. Some influencers have already taken the plunge and film themselves biting into these vitamin-enriched jelly blushes.

On her TikTok account, Hannah Cho, content creator, is one of those who let herself be tempted. She thus starts a video (viewed by 2.2 million people) by crunching, all smiles, into one of the famous blushes.

@imhannahcho i HAD TO TAKE A BITE I COULDNT RESIST 😩🩷 behold.. the new @milkmakeup jelly tint blushes…. 😩😩😩 #blush #milkmakeup #makeupreview ♬ original sound – GIRLS MODE

Seduced, Internet users congratulate her and believe that it is a good initiative.

Thank you for doing it, I dream of eating them” ; “It looks good” ; “It’s so satisfying to see you bite into it“, we can read.

The problem ? These blushes are anything but edible.

The brand has also warned consumers of the risks incurred on its website: “Disclaimer: This product is not edible. Do not eat“.

Beware of poisoning

Makeup only contains inedible ingredients: alcohol, additives, preservatives, perfumes, emulsifiers, texture agents, etc. When consuming makeup, the risk of poisoning is therefore real.

Also in children, the ingestion of alcohol-based products can represent a real danger of alcohol poisoning, even in small quantities.

Another risk, to be taken seriously: certain individuals can develop a form of addiction, having an irrepressible need to consume these inedible substances. This is Pica disease – a condition that can last for several months and then disappear spontaneously, especially in children. If a doctor suspects this disorder, he or she will assess the person’s nutritional status, and check their weight and possible deficiencies.