CBD would be ineffective in relieving chronic pain

CBD would be ineffective in relieving chronic pain

Cannabidiol would be effective in relieving many ailments, all without the effects of psychotropic or addiction. A Canadian-British study, published in the Journal of Pain, however, states that this cannabis extract does not have the pain-relieving properties that are often attributed to it.

A research team affiliated with the universities of Bath, Oxford and Alberta made the finding after reviewing studies on the use of CBD in pain management, published in scientific journals up to the end of 2023.

It has emerged that most commercially available CBD products (oils, capsules, gummies, creams, etc.) contain varying amounts of cannabidiol, if at all. However, they may contain traces of other chemical substances, some of which may be illegal and harmful to health, such as THC (the psychotropic molecule in cannabis).

Furthermore, researchers analyzed the results of sixteen clinical trials evaluating the pain-relieving properties of CBD. It turns out that cannabidiol has been shown to be ineffective for pain management in almost all clinical trials studied. It had the same effect as a placebo.

Even more worrying, scientists have noticed that CBD is not without side effects. It can cause liver damage – or hepatotoxicity – in some patients who consume it. On the other hand, if cannabidiol does not have a narcotic effect, it can lead to addictive behaviors among veterans who take it to relieve their chronic pain.

Enough to push researchers to warn consumers about the alleged benefits of cannabidiol. “(CBD) is presented as a cure for all pain, but there is no tangible evidence of its positive effects,” explains Professor Chris Eccleston, co-signer of the study, in a press release.

Professor Chris Eccleston and his colleagues encourage people suffering from chronic pain to use CBD carefully in their treatment journey. “Chronic pain can be excruciating, so people are very motivated to relieve it by any means. This makes them vulnerable to the crazy promises made about CBD,” points out Dr. Andrew Moore, co-author of the study. study, in the same press release.

Currently, the scientific community remains very mixed about the wellness promise of CBD products. However, the CBD market is flourishing. It could be worth 60 billion dollars (or 56 billion euros) by 2030.