Competition: win a signed copy of “Anatomy Lessons”, the latest book by Gérald Kierzek!

Competition: win a signed copy of “Anatomy Lessons”, the latest book by Gérald Kierzek!

The medical world reveals its mysteries through the exceptional competition linked to the release of Gérald Kierzek’s latest work, “Anatomy Lessons”, in partnership with the famous house Deyrolle. Dive into the heart of understanding the human body, with the chance to win this essential book. Find out how to enter and win by following the simple instructions below!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the human body with the book “Anatomy Lessons”

Gérald Kierzek, renowned emergency physician and director of TipsForWomens, guides us through the fascinating anatomical charts from Deyrolle, which have educated generations of health professionals. In three main parts, the book explores the major anatomical systems, the senses and physiology, as well as the body in daily life.

The author offers simple explanations about the organs, their roles, their functioning, while sharing advice for preserving health. This general public book, both nostalgic and current, becomes an essential object highlighting the exceptional educational and artistic quality of these boards.

How to participate in the competition

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Two signed copies to win

By participating in this competition, you will have the chance to win exclusive copies of the book “Anatomy Lessons” by Gérald Kierzek, generously offered by Deyrolle. Immerse yourself in this educational masterpiece that combines the nostalgia of ancient boards with the modernity of medicine.

Explore the mysteries of the human body with Gérald Kierzek and the Deyrolle house by participating in this captivating competition. Follow TipsForWomens on social networks, leave your inspired comments and subscribe on Instagram to maximize your chances of winning this exceptional book. Dive into anatomy and discover the secrets that shape our daily health.

Don’t wait any longer, participate now and embark on a captivating journey to the heart of “Anatomy Lessons”!