Covid-19 and return of the mask: where did it become compulsory again?

Covid-19 and return of the mask: where did it become compulsory again?

We had almost forgotten it, yet it is making a comeback, with the fall and cases of Covid-19 increasing. “He” is the surgical mask. More and more hospitals have started to impose it again within them. A quick overview with Dr. Gérald Kierzek, emergency physician and medical director of TipsForWomens.

With the increase in Covid cases, the mask is making a comeback in several places. Particularly within health establishments, several of which have announced the obligation to wear a mask within them. What are the other obligations regarding the mask? Let’s do a check in.

More and more hospitals announce a new obligation to wear a mask

With the resumption of cases of Covid-19 contamination, the mask is once again imposed in several hospitals in Europe.

We can thus cite the university hospitals of Strasbourg, but also in La Rochelle, Arcachon, Le Mans, Vendôme or more recently in Dijon. In the city of Perpignan, the mask is also obligatory within the municipal medical health center.

In all these places, wearing a mask is compulsory for everyone: healthcare professionals, patients but also visitors.

Get into the habit of wearing a mask when you are sick

Apart from these places of care, are there places where a mask is obligatory? Officially no. The mask is no longer compulsory since August 1, 2022.

But certain health establishments, other than hospitals, may make it compulsory, such as nursing homes, medical practices or pharmacies, for example. Authorities also recommend wearing it when sick, in certain situations. “We must resume the reflex of putting on a mask as soon as we have a symptom or as soon as we are in contact with vulnerable people.” Aurélien Rousseau, Minister of Health, told BFM TV last August.

For Dr. Gérald Kierzek, emergency physician and medical director of TipsForWomens, “Wearing a mask makes sense when it is necessary to protect vulnerable people in crowded places. We wear it when we are sick and depending on local hospital policy“. Before adding aptly: “But let’s remember that the real problem remains the overload of public hospitals and the lack of beds, more than the wearing of masks..

Where are masks recommended?

There are also a whole series of places where a mask is recommended when you are sick. Wearing a mask will therefore be recommended for adults and children aged six and over in:

  • Closed and promiscuous places and public transport, such as the metro, train, bus or plane;
  • In the presence of elderly people, immunocompromised people or people suffering from chronic illnesses;
  • In the event of symptoms and up to 7 days in the event of contact status at risk or leaving isolation.