Covid-19: is it important to take a test if you have symptoms? Dr. Kierzek answers us

Covid-19: is it important to take a test if you have symptoms?  Dr. Kierzek answers us

If the French seem little worried about Covid this winter, should we stop all testing in the event of symptoms? The response from Dr Gérald Kierzek, medical director of TipsForWomens.

According to the Public Health Europe survey, 31% of French people surveyed do not take a Covid-19 screening test when they show signs of the disease. Risky behavior, particularly towards vulnerable people.

Vaccination intention remains stable

The survey, carried out from September 11 to 18, 2023, aimed to take stock of the adoption of barrier gestures and vaccination intentions of the population as winter 2023 approaches.

All winter viruses (Covid-19, flu, etc.) were taken into account.

Result ? “Among people eligible for the new dose of vaccination against Covid-19, intentions to be vaccinated are stable (74%) and increasing for influenza vaccination among people aged 65 and over, compared to the last year (69% in 2023 versus 61% in 2022)”, specifies Public Health Europe.

The mask appeals less and less to the French

Concerning the mask, only “15% of participants say they wear a mask systematically in the presence of vulnerable people and 14% on public transport“.

In addition, only half of French people said that having symptoms of illness such as fever or cough, “would encourage them to wear a mask this winter”.

Are tests really still useful?

Finally, almost a third, since the start of the year, have not taken a screening test when symptoms of Covid-19 appeared.

But for Dr. Kierzek, the debate around the test is not justified. The main thing, in case of symptoms, is to wear a mask:

When you have symptoms of the flu, Covid or any other winter virus, you should wear a mask and wash your hands. It is these good habits that will stop epidemics“, emphasizes Dr. Kierzek, before concluding: “We only test under certain conditions, on medical advice“.