Covid in business: what are the recommendations if I am affected?

Covid in business: what are the recommendations if I am affected?

While Covid cases are still climbing since the start of the school year, we are lost in the face of official recommendations… which are no longer relevant. What is the procedure to follow if you are an employee and affected by the virus? TipsForWomens answers you.

Covid has not disappeared. The week of the start of the school year alone, nearly 55,000 new cases were counted in general medicine consultations throughout the country. An increase which has also led the authorities to bring forward the covid vaccination campaign from October 17 to October 2. But in the world of work, how should we react when we know we have been affected? The last obligations on the subject were suspended a few months ago. And nothing seems announced at the moment. What are the recommendations?

What should I do if I am sick?

Since February 203, isolation in the event of covid is no longer systematic and sick leave “without waiting days” has been eliminated. In the event of illness, the first thing to do is to seek medical advice. It is up to the attending physician to determine the pathology, the treatment and whether sick leave is necessary. If the person does not take a break, it is however recommended to inform their loved ones, avoid contact, wear a mask, respect barrier gestures, and encourage teleworking.

What should I do if my test is still positive at the end of my stop?

Here again, only the attending physician is authorized to extend or not your work leave, relating to your state of health. If this allows you to carry out an activity, no problem finding the workplace, while respecting barrier gestures.

If I test positive, can I be forced to work remotely?

Since March 2022, teleworking in the event of a positive test is no longer compulsory, but remains recommended. On the other hand, it must be the result of social dialogue between employer and employee and cannot be imposed. According to the Labor Code, the employer has no right to impose a decision on the basis of the employee’s state of health.

I have Covid, can I be forced to come to work?

You cannot be forced to take up your job if you have sick leave established by your attending physician. On the other hand, if you test positive, but are able to work, non-stop, teleworking is recommended, but not obligatory. Your employer may ask you to be present.

I am a fragile person, do I have more rights vis-à-vis my employer?

There is no longer a partial activity system for vulnerable people (over 65 years old and with a history) nor a duty to provide separate premises. Professional decisions must be made on professional, not personal, criteria.

What can you demand from your employer if employees test positive?

The employer fulfills an obligation for the safety of its employees. In the event of covid in the company, he must therefore take the measures that he considers necessary to avoid contamination of everyone: repeat barrier gestures, invite the wearing of a mask, distancing, etc. Measures that employees can request and to which they must comply. If these measures are implemented, the employee’s right to withdraw (not to come to work) is not permitted.