Covid long: a patient monitoring platform planned before the end of the year

Covid long: a patient monitoring platform planned before the end of the year

A monitoring platform to better take care of people suffering from long Covid, the subject of a law passed almost 18 months ago, should finally “arrive before the end of the year”, said MP Renaissance Stéphanie on Tuesday. Rest.

Recognition in long-term affection already possible

“The implementation of this platform should happen before the end of the year” et “will allow people to be better informed, better followed and to know near their home what the possibilities of care are”said the MP, also general rapporteur of the Social Affairs Committee, on franceinfo.

Parliament definitively adopted on January 13, 2022, by a vote of the Senate, a UDI bill to create a specific monitoring platform for patients with long Covid. The implementing decrees have not yet been published.

“But, already, there may be recognition of long-term illness for certain long Covids or management of occupational disease. There is no need to wait for these decrees”, said the elected Loiret and doctor. And the care of patients with long Covid can go through the attending physician, she noted.

A long-awaited support guide

“It is important to already take into account medically these long Covids, these are symptoms that are not very specific (fatigue, joint pain, etc.) to a disease but which lead to a very significant incapacity in life. As a rheumatologist, I see him regularlypointed out Stéphanie Rist.

The High Authority for Health must also “to publish a support guide soon”, according to her. And “the search continues”she observed. “Long Covid patients must not be forgotten by the crisis”, judged the deputy. But “in the field, we still have a great difficulty of recognition, there are still many doctors who do not know what the long Covid is, who do not believe their patients”, lamented the president of the association of patients “After J20”, Pauline Oustric, at the microphone of franceinfo. His association wishes “recognition as a homogenized occupational disease” and facilitated.

The “Long Covid” affected 4% of adults in Europe, or 2.06 million people, a small proportion (1.2%) declaring themselves severely hampered in their daily activities, according to a study by Public Health Europe carried out at the fall 2022.