Cuddling this animal improves mental health

Cuddling this animal improves mental health

We knew about equine therapy, dog therapy… but here is another variation of pet therapy which would have unsuspected virtues. Cuddling this animal would reduce stress, anxiety and even bring you into a state of full consciousness.

In the magazine Psychology Today, Katherine Compitus, biopsychologist and certified animal-assisted intervention professional (C-AAIP) extols the virtues of cuddling cows. According to her, this experience would be less of an unusual outing than of a real therapeutic session.

Cow cuddle therapy, a beef effect!

By cow cuddling, the specialist means spending time near cows, often lying next to them, caressing them and enjoying their company. This practice, originating in rural areas of Europe, particularly the Netherlands, is said to have spread to the United States with the creation of animal sanctuaries offering this experience.

In England too, this type of experience has had real success. In Europe, this seems to remain more confidential.

Stress, anxiety, trauma… Ideal for stopping ruminating!

This serene activity would help reduce stress thanks to the gentleness of the. “When you touch, pet, or even lie next to these tranquil animals, the body responds by releasing oxytocin, a hormone known to promote feelings of happiness and reduce stress. This hormonal release not only alleviates immediate stress, but also promotes an overall sense of well-being” specifies the specialist.

According to her, the slow movements and peaceful behavior of the cows encourage a state of mindfulness which is particularly useful in the face of anxiety. “Being in their presence allows individuals to ground themselves in the present moment, putting aside the distractions and worries of everyday life” she specifies.

In cases of emotional trauma or mental health issues, the presence of these peaceful pachyderms would offer emotional support that the calm environment of a farm would only strengthen. All of this would create a “space for emotional healing and reconnection with oneself and nature“.

Let’s go welcome Marguerite!

By promoting relaxation, mindfulness and connection with nature, vahce cuddling would offer an unusual way of relaxation and peace in the face of ambient stress. And according to the specialist: “Whether you’re an animal lover, someone looking for a new mindfulness practice, or simply curious about this unique experience, cow cuddling is definitely worth a try“.